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Yatsenyuk: Yanukovych can be tried by a special process.

By delo.ua 08.08.2014 15:33  delo.ua Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych falls under a special procedure for criminal proceedings regulated by the Council of Europe. This was announced today at a news briefing by … Continue reading

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Dmitry Tymchuk’s Military Blog: Summary – May 26, 2014

Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance. 05.26.2014 Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine Brothers and sisters! Here’s the Summary for May 26, 2014 (for the previous summary, please see Summary for May 23. The bad news: 1. Yanukovych said that he respects the … Continue reading

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PROJECT POSTCARDS FROM MAIDAN: Volodymyr Popadiuk from Lviv Oblast

03.13.2014 Postcardsfrommaidan.org Translated by Voices of Ukraine Edited by Alex Howard for VOU Postcards from Maidan is an art initiative that helps facilitate the psychological rehabilitation and physical recovery of patients. Artists visit the wounded and use drawings as a storytelling mechanism of … Continue reading

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The Head of the Jewish Community of Ukraine Speaks Out Against Putin

Soviet dissident and Freedom Prize winner Josef Zissels becomes a Ukrainian Jew By David Mikics| April 29, 2014 12:00 AM Originally posted on Tablet Run here with permissions In his support of the Maidan Revolution, the Ukrainian Jewish dissident Josef Zissels … Continue reading

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Heroes of Maidan: Nina Matvijiv, the emergency nurse

By Yuriy Butusov, Chief Editor at Censor.NET 04.01.2014 Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine Source: http://glavcom.ua/articles/18608.html How happy I was that we managed to find her! An awesome photo by the famous French photographer Eric Bouvet has become one of the … Continue reading

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