Our manifesto

Don't look away. Know. Choose. Help.

Don’t look away. Know. Choose. Help.

Voices of Ukraine was formed in response to an urgent need for accurate information about events in Ukraine to go global in several languages. We are in Ukraine and other countries and network closely with those involved in current events to verify sources and translate reliable information.

Voices of Ukraine is a volunteer project dedicated to delivering news about Ukraine in a variety of languages. As a volunteer translation and editing project  we work to give a realistic picture of the ground reality of the Ukrainian political and cultural space. While we maintain a high standard of translation consistency, our information is only as accurate as our primary sources, which are always referenced. The opinions expressed in posts do not necessarily reflect those of the Voices of Ukraine team.

Recently, we covered the massive, peaceful, anti-government protest in Ukraine called Maidan (EuroMaidan). It started in mid-November of 2013. Currently, we include information about the Russian invasion of Crimea and Eastern and Southern Ukraine. Beyond politics, we do features on the cultural life and projects of Ukrainian residents and activists, source eyewitness accounts of events covered in the media, network with reliable experts who are added to our team as needed to verify sources and provide military summaries, partner with other groups on various projects and create new features as necessary.

Volunteers translate statements, interviews, articles, blog posts & social media updates from Ukrainian and Russian languages into English, German, and other languages (French, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese). All translations carry links to their original sources, and all translations are our original translation and editing work, unless otherwise noted.

Our multilingual Facebook pages are “Voices of Ukraine – Official,” and “EuroMaidan As It Is,” the Twitter account is “@MaidanOnline.” Join us through these social networks to be updated on the latest developments!

If you feel that you can help as a volunteer translator,
please join our team on our translators’ Facebook page:
Maidan Needs Translators.”

This group reserves the right to delete any comments of a hateful, sexist, or offensive nature, as well as any advertisements of a commercial, personal, religious or political nature that are in violation of our mission. Such persons will be automatically blocked without warning if they post such materials repeatedly.

Our manifesto

Full Ukranian Version — Full English Version — Full German Version

(Update from 31.12.2013)

In the following you will discover more about:

  1. the change of subject matter of the movement that is about to happen in Ukraine or to be quite honest has already been happening for some time now.

The protest movement in Ukraine is changing its thrust and tenor. The movement is about to grow and extend; it is about to address more than only one set of problems available to date. The movement has already ceased to be only about failure of our government to sign trade treaties with EU.

2. the long-term character of Maidan movement.

As stated above the ideas that fuelled EuroMaidan movement have changed. With those fundamental changes comes most naturally a change of the forms necessary to support the new ideas. What was a sprint will now take a form of a marathon. Because we have come to stay, and we will stay till we have done the work we came to do.

3. how we see our project as part of the general movement.

Such essential changes in the subject matter and form of the protest movement will certainly influence our project as well. For the time being we can relax and go from confused attempts to follow highly turbulent events to do our best in gaining a perspective on the events and an understanding of the situation our country and its citizens are now facing.

4. our appeal to our present and future colleagues and possible collaborators.

The Maidan As It Is Project was created as an entirely independent project consisting of volunteers. And we intend to keep things this way!

5. summary and the future of our project

Considering all the above changes and the long-term perspective of Maidan, we cannot help but ask ourselves where we as a project fit in.

Проект “Голоси України” був сформований у відповідь на нагальну потребу публікації точної інформації про події в Україні на глобальному рівні. Ми живемо в Україні та інших країнах та знаходимося у тісній співпраці з людьми, що беруть участь у поточних подіях, для перевірки джерел та отримання достовірної інформації, яку ми потім перекладаєм на декілька мов.

Проект “Голоса Украины” был сформирован в ответ на настоятельную необходимость опубликования точной информации о событиях в Украине на глобальном уровне. Мы живем в Украине и других странах и находимся в тесном сотрудничестве с людьми, участвующими в текущих событиях, для проверки источников и получения достоверной информации, которую переводим затем на несколько языков.

11 Responses to Our manifesto

  1. bjarnekim says:


    People on the streets
    plants flowers in December
    a spring bouquet


    folket på gaden
    planter decemberblomster
    en forårsbuket

  2. chervonaruta says:

    Plant peace flowers in December….. 🙂

  3. excuse my ignorance as i live on a different part of the globe but what change are the anti-government activists seeking?

    • Oksana Panchuk says:

      It is pretty simple: the basic institutions do not work in Ukraine. Judicial branch of the power, legislative and executive branches – all of them do not provide the services they are aimed to. It is the fight between the bureaucracy and the people. Corruption exists everywhere but always there is a certain balance in the society between the different groups of the power; in the old democracies there is the pretty effective control mechanisms.
      Here the Presidnet’s family started to steel tooooo much, pushing away even other oligarkhs and interferring into their businesses. They did not understand that now people just stand for their dignity: they do not want to pay bribes anymore, they want the competition (which exists only if there are rules defined) and they want to compete not survive beacuse they are part of the close-to-President-family-groups. The old Soviet type ecopnomy was able to operate 15-30 years after the USSR collapsed, so now it is just time to implement reforms, as it was in the Easter Europe. And the current state authorities cannot understand this. They will be pushed.
      In Russia sooner or later the situation with the-so-needed-reforms will be obvious too.

  4. efthelotofya says:

    Russia can get to keep Ukraine. These events do shot that ukrainians are animals and not europeans. Besides we already have one worthless, spineless shithole:Greece. No need for another.

    • crafty1one says:

      I have been meditating for a while whether to allow this comment, but decided to “approve” it in the end… Can’t help but wonder at such aggression; would very much like to know what has justified it. The whole country and all of its citizens cannot be held accountable for failings of their government as Greek citizens will surely agree. Once parliaments and government were elected and formed citizens have very little direct influence over the decisions on the highest political level. That much should be clear to any one… but apparently it isn’t. I also fail to see how “these events” (which ones? they were so many) show that Ukrainians are “animals”.

    • Lorren says:

      The people of that “worthless, spineless shithole” spinelessly held their ground and their protest against tyranny shielded from bullets by no more than hand-held wooden sheets. They spinelessly rescued other protesters who had been shot, braving live gunfire to do so. The worthless doctors who treated them by the hundreds also treated injured policeman who had been ordered to use illegal force to disperse the protesters with no medical backup of their own. Those animals did all this because they were willing to die in order that they and their children no longer be forced to live in a shithole.

      When was the last time you, oh so supreme European, moved forward into gunfire to rescue a fallen friend?

      I am honored and inspired to share a world with such “spineless, worthless animals”. When you are forced to fight for your own homeland, remember that it is because you refused to support those at the front when the front was still far from your home. Despite your hate-filled words, if I or one of these Ukrainians you so despise see you fall in that fight, we will still brave fire to pull you to safety. That is what distinguishes us from you.

  5. Wayne says:

    I pray for Ukraine daily.

    It is a shame that such a great people are stuck between the West and Russia.

    There is the West, where they give tax free advantages to wealthy corporations and tax the middle class, so they can buy votes from those on welfare. And there is Russia, where the power at the top gets to keep billions.

    Stuck in the middle is Ukraine. Can Ukraine pull away from the different forms of corruption? Can Ukraine regain her glory? Can Ukrainians become truly free again?

    I hope so, I pray so.


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