Yatsenyuk: Yanukovych can be tried by a special process.

By delo.ua
08.08.2014 15:33  delo.ua
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine



Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych falls under a special procedure for criminal proceedings regulated by the Council of Europe. This was announced today at a news briefing by Prime Minister Yatsenyuk.

Replying to the question of whether his words refer to absentee justice, that Yanukovych will be judged while absent, Yatsenyuk replied: “If I may change the name of the criminal proceedings, the right name, as determined by the decisions of the Council of Europe, is the Latin name in absentia–a special criminal procedure. Due to the fact that Viktor Yanukovych is the man who is being sought and charged with crimes against humanity and mass murder, he would be subject to a special procedure of criminal proceedings.”

Earlier, the Attorney General Vitaly Yarema said that the GPU [Prosecutor General of Ukraine] and the Ministry of Justice have prepared a draft law on conviction in absentia, which can be applied to Yanukovych and his entourage. The law will allow the funds looted by the ex-president and his entourage to be returned to Ukraine, even if these criminals will not be extradited from Russia. For the return of these funds, a verdict is required.

Source: delo.ua

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