DMITRY TYMCHUK: One more update on the situation in Mariupol

Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

information_resistance_logo_engWe deliberately avoided commenting on the situation with [Ukrainian] troop withdrawals from Mariupol yesterday [May 10], since we thought that such explanations should have been provided either by representatives of the highest state leadership or by the special forces command. Yesterday, the National Guard commanders commented on the situation in general. We will try to expand on these statements for [better] understanding.

In the IR memo from May 10 we noted that special forces demonstrated rather significant expertise. But we should also draw your attention to the statement regarding Russian propaganda.

The bottom line is that in Mariupol (unlike Sloviansk or Kramatorsk) we saw how local residents, poisoned by propaganda, supported terrorists quite significantly by going into the streets to confront the mythical “Right Sector,” and by perceiving security forces as the enemy—messengers of the “illegitimate Banderite” government.

And, although the majority of these “peaceful protesters” were the local lumpens and marginals (which we saw on the video of events), the large-scale protests against Ukrainian security forces reached a critical level. In fact, the events in Mariupol approximated the format of the civil war that the Russian leadership is so eager to ignite in Ukraine.

In this situation, the security forces had two options. Either accept the imposed scenario and drown the city in blood. Or retreat.

They chose the second option. Whether it was the right decision or not—decide for yourself.

Source: Dmitry Tymchuk FB

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8 Responses to DMITRY TYMCHUK: One more update on the situation in Mariupol

  1. alex says:

    If Dmitry Tymchuk, Lyashcko or crazy like them were in charge they would take option number 1 and drown Mariupol in blood, but luckily they are still sane persons in Ukraine.

    It’s obvious that there is no military solution here, in a city like Donetsk you would have thousands of dead if you try something like that, so Ukraine are 2 option left: try to negotiate some kind of federation or accept to lose the dombass

    • If Russian like Alex uses words “crazy Tymchuk” on Ukrainians crisis, his comment is only one of thousands attempts to spread Russian propaganda ideas. Probably via kremlebot. If he is real, he s already became a victim of the propaganda machine

      • UNF says:

        It seems Tymchuk thinks he is still down in Iraq, happily slaughtering recalcitrant Arabs under contract for his warcriminal Yankee masters, and has not noticed that these are his own compatriots he wants to drown in blood.

        The US-putsch-puppets of Kyiv have practically ensured Ukraine will be further split, or themselves overthrown, by sending in tanks to stop a popular referendum against their illegitimate misrule. Their irrational aggression (after branding half the country as ‘terrorists’) is certainly creating an active armed resistance they cannot defeat militarily.

      • alex says:

        I’m Italian, my full name is Alessandro. I don’t want a war in Ukraine because I don’t want to see death and destruction in Europe again and also we european will have to fix that mess after the war is over and pay a huge prix for you refuges and recostruction.

        So do everyone a favour and avoid an useless war that you also can’t win.

  2. News says:

    Reblogged this on News-Press.

  3. BawoBagong says:

    “So do everyone a favour and avoid an useless war that you also can’t win.”

    As of today the Ukrainian flag has been flying over Mariupol’s Admin building for quite some time, that is after the city was retaken with remarkably very few losses in human life by Ukr. security forces unlike Grozny or the likes in the Kavkaz. Plus the Rebel held territory has been practically halved. Quite unthinkable in early May.

  4. PETER BARNES says:

    Is Donetsk the new Stalingrad?

  5. Ukraine, yes I know the history shared with Russia… Russian people are believing all Putin propaganda and lies. Ukraine needs to set up radio and TV stations near Russian border and .TELL THE TRUTH 24 hours a day. Work very hard check facts to NOT tell lies. As people learn truth and they check facts and how many dead Russian soldiers are dieing in UKRAINE. They will see they are in a NEW AFGHANISTAN with many more to come back home dead! Tell truth always. Ukraine people should ALL speak BOTH Russian and Ukraine from first day in school to University!

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