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Film Director Oleg Sentsov: “My country, for whose freedom I fought, will not abandon me.”

By Halya Coynash 06.05.14 kharkiv human rights protection group Dmitry Dinze, lawyer representing Oleg Sentsov, the well-known Ukrainian film director, has said that Russia’s FSB used torture to extract testimony from his client.  The FSB are claiming that Sentsov, together … Continue reading

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Global Response to Putin: That Flickering Red Line

By Halya Coynash 07.06.14 Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group Edited by Voices of Ukraine G7 countries have given Russia another month for pretending to take measures at ‘de-escalation’ while continuing to wage undeclared war on Ukraine. In the meantime France is … Continue reading

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PROJECT POSTCARDS FROM MAIDAN: Volodymyr Popadiuk from Lviv Oblast

03.13.2014 Postcardsfrommaidan.org Translated by Voices of Ukraine Edited by Alex Howard for VOU Postcards from Maidan is an art initiative that helps facilitate the psychological rehabilitation and physical recovery of patients. Artists visit the wounded and use drawings as a storytelling mechanism of … Continue reading

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How I almost became a victim of UKRAINIAN EVENTS

By Vasily Terkin, journalist of “Novaya Gazeta” 05.04.2014 Facebook Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine I came to my parents’ place to spend the night. Father was sitting hunched over on the couch watching the TV sadly. There was … Continue reading

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Swiss OSCE Chair calls for release of abducted military inspectors, OSCE working at all levels for setting them free

BERN, 27 April 2014 – OSCE Chairperson-in-Office, Swiss Foreign Minister Didier Burkhalter condemned the detention of a group of military inspectors from OSCE participating States and of their Ukrainian hosts in Sloviansk in eastern Ukraine, and called for their release. … Continue reading

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