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LESYA OROBETS: “You Can’t Grow Potatoes Without Poisoning Potato Beetles”

Without poisoning the Colorado beetle, you can’t grow potatoes MP Lesia Orobets 19.02.2014 13:00 Facebook status update Edited by Isis Translated by Anna Danilova Source Of course, you can certainly hold several rounds of negotiations with potato beetles, urge them … Continue reading

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Orobets: 18. Februar von langer Hand vorbereitet – soll Demokratie im Keim ersticken

Kiew, 18.02.2014, 17.00h Janukowytsch und seine Umgebung haben eine gezielte Provokation organisiert, eine Falle für die Protestierenden. Alle so genannten friedlichen Verhandlungen haben sich als sorgfältig geplante Falle erwiesen. Sie zielten allein darauf ab, Zeit zu gewinnen und eine militärische … Continue reading

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Lesya Orobets: My beliefs

Lesya Orobets, MP 02.17.2014  FB status update Source My beliefs: 1. I believe in a free, united and prosperous Ukraine from the “Sian to the Don.” 2. Each working and productive citizen shall prosper in dignity and security. 3. The penalty … Continue reading

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VOICES OF THE REVOLUTION: Lesya Orobets – They who defeat fear will win…

Lesya Orobets Translated by Oleg Mihailik Editing: Isis Wisdom Source: https://www.facebook.com/lesyaorobets/posts/659040444131871 Yanukovych’s actions are easy to understand. In fact, very easy. Just put yourself in his position, and look at the situation through a lens of fear. Fear of losing power, … Continue reading

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Ukrainian MP Lesya Orobets issues an appeal to the businessmen and bankers of the world community

Stop shaking hands with “politicians and businessmen from the Party of Regions”! I appeal to foreign businessmen and bankers. Refuse to cooperate with the “politicians and businessmen” from the “Party of Regions”. It will save your reputation from media scandals … Continue reading

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