Lesya Orobets: My beliefs

Lesya Orobets, MP
02.17.2014  FB status update

My beliefs:

1. I believe in a free, united and prosperous Ukraine from the “Sian to the Don.”

2. Each working and productive citizen shall prosper in dignity and security.

3. The penalty for a crime must be inevitable, criminals must be brought to justice, with a probability of 100%, even if it takes years or decades to find and prosecute them. These are honest people who have rights – not criminals.

4. The functions of state government should be as small and as cheap as possible. The state apparatus creates nothing in principle, the state is only the mechanism for the redistribution of resources – and the most ineffective of all.

5. The state is supposed to take care of being a defense against external enemies, diplomatic relations, maintaining the security of citizens and their property, justice, the promotion of fundamental research. THAT’S IT.

6. With a deadlock, the state can be forced to engage in the construction of infrastructure, the regulation of natural monopolies (market power, gas, rail) and technical standards of quality control. These functions should endeavor to give private initiatives, as soon as it becomes profitable for the public good.

7. The prosperity and productivity of citizens for the benefit of existing state functions is the only measure of success of public management – in GDP per capita, labor productivity, and other similar indices.

8. Taxation of public funding for the state is a necessary evil. The smaller the percentage of GDP allocated through the state budget, the more effective the public management.

Growth of GDP redistributed through the budget, growth in the size of the budget, increases in tax collection – these are wholly for robbers and thieves. The more you loot from someone else, the more you can steal for yourself. Communists and other criminals have demonstrated this well.

Effective businesses achieve greater production with smaller investments. For state management – this is the same. What are 10,000 nuclear warheads for, if with only 100, no one will attack us?

9. Tax should be on consumption, property, the rights to exploit natural resources, and luxuries. In tough times – salary (taxed at the rate of not more than 10%). Entrepreneurial business income should categorically not be taxed. A society that punishes success, condemns itself to degradation and poverty. Like it or not, but it is so.

10. Public debt should be banned as a phenomenon in the Constitution. Public debt is financed exclusively by the theft and bribery of those unwilling to work, and those who work and earn are supposed to return it. The budget every year should imply a surplus, and the surplus consistently placed into a reserve fund in the event of war or disaster.

As for how Ukraine’s public finances have been carried out now and before – they lead financial affairs like alcoholics and drug addicts – we’ll borrow / steal a bottle / have a dose now, and then maybe it’ll blow over.

11. From birth, every citizen must have equal opportunities – the right to education, to obtain a grant or loan for education based on objectively measured academic success (and only this, no privileges and preferences–no), to choose a profession, to achieve success in life.

12. Each citizen is personally responsible for themselves and their life. Never reward any idleness, addiction and the like. No responsible and hard working person should pay for the lazy and irresponsible.

If you worked day and night for 30 years, invented a new and effective machine and became a billionaire? Then honor and praise to you, let all the newspapers scream, “well done!,” let scholars see why mathematics and physics are taught. If you drank beer on a daily basis, hung around your block just to kill time, watched “soap operas” about criminals, and now you want a BMW? Sorry… turn to the League to Protect Hedgehogs – maybe they can help you there. If you steal – you sit, maybe in prison  you earn back ten times what you stole and maybe find a useful profession and start life from the beginning again.

These views seem to me to be simple and interrelated. Everything that I was doing for more than 6 years as a deputy was guided by them. I publish them in case someone in the near future exerts the desire to assert that I betrayed my beliefs.

Glory to Ukraine!

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2 Responses to Lesya Orobets: My beliefs

  1. chornajuravka says:

    Reblogged this on Euromaidan PR.

  2. Greetings (from Canada) Lesya! You write (many good points above) & speak (I just saw you being interviewed by Tom Clark (The West Block / Global TV Network) ) very good English ~ !
    I was waiting for Tom to reach out (take his hands out of his pockets!) & shake your hand @ the end of the interview but… you made the 1st move! You are a true diplomat (of PEACE). (Maybe his hands were cold / he’s used to studio work!)
    All the BEST in your Mayoral race – perhaps we can share some ideas – and ideals. I am running in Tiny Township, Ontario; perhaps a little more serious this time (I ran in 2010); perhaps a lot more fun stuff, too! When is your election? October 27 – over here. PEACE Pete D

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