The Etymology of the Word: “Huylo” (as in “Putin Huylo”)

By Svetlana Fokina
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 10.26.25 PM

“Putin Fuck-Off”

A British journalist asked me to translate the word “huylo” into English, give a synonym for it and explain the etymology of the word. I warned him that gentlemen do not talk like that, but he insisted, saying that gentlemen may think like that. [Ed. note: “huylo” is the most popular spelling of this word which is often used interchangeably with Putin’s name to explain Ukrainian attitudes towards Putin. It is sometimes spelled “huilo” as well. The proper spelling for the correct pronunciation is actually: “khuylo”–listen to video below]. This has proven to be no easy task…  It turns out the word is a 2-in-1, since there are two meanings joined together into one word: the well-known word “fuck” and the gender-neutral pronoun “it.”

–Ok, I think I know what you are getting at, says the Brit, intrigued…

–And now at the same time, add the deepest emotional pain, suffering, hatred, contempt and a sense of the irreversible collapse of human dignity and honor to the meaning of “fuck…”

–Oh, what a strong word, –exclaims the journalist.

The Brit diligently repeats the word several times. Then, he remains quiet for a while and finally says, “You know, a long time ago, when I served in the [Royal] Air Force, our platoon was so ascribed by one guy… Now I know that he was the “huylo” (he carefully syllabifies the word)… and adds, “Sveta, I don’t think that we will find a synonym in English… because huylo is huylo.”

P.S.: It’s almost Shakespearian–”to be or [not to be]”…   🙂

Source: Svetlana Fokina FB
Image Source: Prikolnovosti
Editor’s note: Khuylo means dickhead for the most part, or “fucker” at other times. “PNX” (ПНХ) when you see it instead of “khuylo” is akin to being told to ‘fall on one’s own petard.’ (Just substitute ‘khuy’ for ‘petard’). Ok, I think we are ready for the meme that keeps on giving:

Historical Huylo:

over Ilia Repin's The Zaporizhian Kozaks Write A Letter to the Turkish Sultan (1880-91)

Ilia Repin’s “The Zaporizhian Kozaks Write A Letter to the Turkish Sultan (1880-91)”

If you don’t know this painting and the historical act it commemorates, please read:

From olden days, Vladimirs were given nicknames - Vladimir the Great, Vladimir the Monomakh, Vladimir the Huylo.

From olden days, Vladimirs were given nicknames in Kyiv – Vladimir the Great, Vladimir the Monomakh, Vladimir the Huylo.

Ukrainian soldiers’ message to Russia:

Our soldiers in the East wrote a letter to Russia.

Our soldiers in the East wrote a letter to Russia.

Being very creative soldiers, they wrote a poem. It says:

“Khutin Puy”
Listen, Putin’s Rus
You came to me with a machine gun
You covered your face with pantyhose
You speak a language of cusswords.
Plowing my fields with a tank,
You sow mines instead of wheat
By leaving soldiers’ footwraps
Soaked through in lies.

If only he thought in 1945,
My grandfather, tired from war,
That a man that was once his brother,
Is now my country’s enemy.
Hello, fascist Russia,
Why do you need my country?
Putin has schizophrenia!
But you.. but you..
Are not sick!

Election Huylo:

"Citizen, Vote! Send Putin a (check) on his H----!"

“Citizen, Vote!
Send Putin a
(check) on his

Contemporary Huylo:

"Will you spin the wheel or name the word in full?"

“Will you spin the wheel or name the word in full?”

"Every citizen knows… [photo of Putin] …Who is Huylo #1"

“Every citizen knows…
[photo of Putin]
…Who is Huylo #1″

It may have even spawned a new embroidery pattern, culturally:

la la la la la la la "Putin Khuylo" la la la la la la la

la la la la la la la
“Putin Khuylo”
la la la la la la la


Putin Huylo (VIDEO mashup):

The music for that video is taken from a song invented by Ukrainian Ultras soccer [football] fans. Here is their very famous video that started it all (with subtitles):

And the unofficial united Ukraine anthem:

Urban Dictionary definition

You can make a ringtone for your phone: (looks like they might have closed the link, but you can get it on SoundCloud:

Or you can just listen to an Mp3:

There is also this lovely official Mariachi version from Los Angeles:

This version from Japan:

Or play the P-H online game:

Or dance with Putin to it and make him bust a few moves you do:

Feel free to check out all of these related Twitter sites:

Why we didn’t use the “Huilo” spelling:  After a quick Internet search, we also discovered that there is a similar word in Spanish –“huilo.” It stems from Classical Nahuatl huila (a crippled person). And unlike its Ukrainian/Russian counterpart, “huilo” in Spanish is of masculine gender.

Or you may order from among a number of choice products – posters, mugs, coasters, T-shirts, keychains, bags, phone cases, stickers, magnets, greeting cards, and mouse mats:]


The “Hello Kitty” version has become “Huylo Putty:”


Oh but there’s more (we have to keep adding to this post):

And as we always like to say at home:
homemade Ukrainian borsch for dinner.

Bpk0-J4IMAAi_Ho June update:

By Euan MacDonald

UN asks Ukraine not to call Putin a dickhead

UN calls all conflict sides to avoid any rhetoric that could inflame tensions in Ukraine

New York (UN), June 17 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The various sides in the Ukrainian conflict must take efforts to de-escalate the situation, Deputy Spokesman for the UN Secretary-General Farhan Haq said in a daily press briefing on Monday.

“You are absolutely right that we are against any escalation of the rhetoric [in Ukraine]. We want all sides to work to de-escalate tensions,” he said.
Asked whether the Ukrainian authorities should be held to account for the attack on the Russian embassy in Kyiv over the weekend, Haq said: “Well, certainly we are concerned about the efforts on the ground that have led to greater violence [in Ukraine], and you have seen the statement that dealt with the violence on the ground. Beyond that, of course, we want all people of the various sides to refrain from any rhetoric that could further escalate the situation [in Ukraine]. We have been calling over and over again for de-escalation of the situation on ground and avoidance of any rhetoric that could further inflame tensions, so we continue to do that,” he said.

According to Ban Ki-moon, “the basic point is that, as the statement itself says, is that we believe – the Secretary-General believes – that the continuing violence in eastern Ukraine highlights the need for an immediate cessation of hostilities and a resolution of the crisis through negotiation and dialogue.”

“That’s what our focus is, he said, that it’s a focus on the implementation of the 17 April Geneva agreement, so that was the core of the statement,” Haq underscored.
Source: Euan MacDonald FB 

Washington Post:
The offensive term that has attached itself to Putin The Song Putin Khuylo

Radio Free Europe Free Liberty:
Some Smile, Others Squirm As Obscenity Becomes Latest Rallying Cry in Ukraine Crisis

Radio Free Europe Free Liberty:
Podcast: Russia’s New Utopianism (with Andreas Umland and Merhat Sharipzhan)

Michael Shchur from Television Toronto, Canada:

These wonderful harmonies from a father and son in Georgia. This one is for our ATO troops and volunteer battalions! (Це для наших ATO військ і добровольчих батальйонів! / это для наших войск АТО и добровольческих батальонов!): 

An application you can add to your browser that changes every occurrence of Putin’s name to what we all know he really is:λlo/kmkjcgnagjmolnbchbokfnejaaledieg

From a Russian restaurant in Brighton, NY. A new dessert menu item. It’s called “Vladimir Vladimirovich:”
Was in a Russian restaurant in Brighton. New dessert menu. Called Vladimir Vladimirovich. 10406954_685441564862971_8667181279444406317_n An excellent scholarly article devoted entirely to Putin’s penis and dissecting from several angles:
Alexander J. Motyl, Bawdy Lyrics Mock Putin in Ukraine, 06.25.2014

lead_large Yes, it has it’s own star now, details here:
Star-gazing at Putin-Huilo! and hearing its celestial song for all eternity

Putin-Kyulo-Partitura 10435876_1439798262956992_8181316442553096653_n

and in case anyone forgets:

Poster by Ukrainian artist/designer Mykola Honcharov, 2018

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    Пу-тин хуй-лоооо! Ла-ла-ла-ла-ла-лаааааа!

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    The word “huylo” means “dickhead”.

  9. Putin is Huylo! La la la la la la la la… Человек хотел войти в историю. У него получилось 😉

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    I understand that “PTN HLO” means “Putin Huylo” (or actually rather khuylo”, but what does “PTN PNH” mean?

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