The cost of keeping Donbas in Ukraine

Euromaidan PR

34b It is time to think about whether Ukraine needs territorial integrity if it threatens to paralyze the country and turn it into a conglomerate of regions that are oriented in opposing directions.

On the territory of the Donbas (referring in this article to the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts -Ed.) the wave of seizures of administrative buildings by Russian militants is spreading. Ukrainian law enforcement is unable to mount an effective counterattack. One can look for different reasons, but one obvious one is the inability of top government leadership to make decisions, caused by doubts about the loyalty of law enforcement and the support of the local population. Instead of offensive tactics, the tactic chosen it to isolate the region from the rest of the country, turning it into a kind of quarantined zone. As a result, an actual border has been created inside the country between the unstable Donbas and…

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