Boris Nemtsov: Putin beat everyone – Russia, first and foremost.

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By Boris Nemtsov, Russian politician
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Project “Novorossiya” is [finally] closed. Putin ordered to return 17.6 thousand troops to their places of permanent deployment. They can now take a break and draw some conclusions. They [the conclusions], are terrible. Neither one of the goals set by Putin has been realized:

  1. [He] wanted to bind Ukraine to Russia, in order to achieve Ukraine’s entry into the [Eurasian] Customs Union. [He] got exactly the opposite, Ukraine has chosen the European vector and will never come back into the orbit of Putin’s influence.
  2. [He] wanted to achieve the neutrality of Ukraine and to preserve its non-aligned status. A total failure. It is now clear that Ukraine is firmly and permanently associated with NATO. Joint military NATO–Ukraine exercises take place, [Ukraine] works on establishing military–technical cooperation with the Alliance.
  3. [He] wanted the respect of the Ukrainian people. [He] got an enemy for many years and Putin–Khuylo.
  4. [He] wanted “Novorossiya” from Donetsk to Odesa. [He] got a smaller part of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.
  5. [He] wanted a corridor to Crimea through Mariupol. He got resistance [in response] and trenches that the Russian people in Mariupol [have] dug to not let the occupier in.
  6. [He] wanted [Donetsk and Luhansk to be like] Crimea, without firing a single shot; instead, he got 4,000 killed on both sides.
  7. [He] wanted the Russian economy not to suffer. [He] got a flight of capital of over 100 billion dollars, 40 rubles per dollar (devaluation of more than 20%) and double-digit food inflation. As well as a complete stagnation in the economy without investments and innovation.
  8. [He] wanted support from the imperialists and nationalists (like Girkin and Sputnik and Pogrom)–[he] got extreme irritation from them and the title of traitor.
  9. [He] wanted to remain recognized in world politics. [He] became an outcast. He got expelled from the G8, no one invites him anywhere, all the bratva are under sanctions, no one but Luka [President of Belarus Lukashenko] and Nazarbayev [President of Kazakhstan] want to associate with him. And even they support the integrity of Ukraine and demand money. Aleksandr Grigoryevich [Lukashenko] particularly excelled at it–[he] received 3.5 billion dollars a year from the Russian budget and meanwhile said that Mongolia and Kazakhstan should divide Russia between themselves.
  10. The only thing he wanted and got, was [his] high rating [in Russia], based on an imperial hysteria and the cynical lies of agitprop [propaganda]. But not for long. Soon, people will realize that the prices have risen, but their income has not. [He] won’t be able to keep blaming everything on Obama for long.

That’s how he beat everyone… First and foremost, Russia.

Source: Boris Nemtsov FB

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1 Response to Boris Nemtsov: Putin beat everyone – Russia, first and foremost.

  1. w8post says:

    The Crimea is not the Krim, the Crimea is a source of income through oil & gas. So I can ‘understand’ the reason for Puto to have this area. Not a good reason, but’s a reason. (If ‘they’ don’t give you what you want, just take it, right? NOT! In schools it’s called bullying) So whatever is in your way, like the Tartars defending THEIR property, should be getting rid of. That’s what’s happening today! IF ONLY! Not good enough the Crimea only, mr.Khuylo needed access to his new conquered (?) property (?) and thought is was a good idea to find a short cut over land. This didn’t work out so well, just mentioning the ‘Cargo-200’. So now what? That bunch of, mainly illiterate, terrorists and mercenaries having it ‘their’ way? If I (Puto) give them a hand (or two) it might work out in the future to get my way into the Crimea by land; give them (the terrorists) some ‘humanitarian’ help, and perhaps some bystanders as well (read: local pro-Russians) it might work. As we know today, it’s not that easy, neither for the ‘New Republics’ nor mr. Puto. The humanitarian convoy left Ukraine with a lot of coffins of soldiers who died doing their exercise and military being on ‘holiday’. Because there was some space left in the trucks, they also took Ukrainian machinery, factory inventory and all the coal/cokes they could their hands on. Now Ukraine can buy their own coal back from the Russians. (Advice, don’t PAY for it, deduct it from the gas bill…) Meanwhile mr. Puto persona non grata in most part of the world. And ALL this because Yanukovych didn’t want to sign an Agreement with the European Union? Yanukovych didn’t need those billions from Moscow like Lukashenko, he made it himself much easier: he stole it from his own citizens. No wonder the army can’t defend itself, the money intended for (new) equipment disappeared in the ample coffers of mr.Yanukovych and his mafia colleagues. BTW, non of that money could be rescued? What about the bank-accounts of the Yanukovych’s Clan? and Azarov? And as last; Why doesn’t Poroshenko (and his staff) look at Belgium? (as an example). Belgium has different languages, different regions; they manage quite well. They have regional Governments. Couldn’t that work in Ukraine?

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