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A Ukrainian flag hung from the window of Donetsk detention center (VIDEO).

05.10.2014 obozrevatel.com Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine As yet unknown persons hung a Ukrainian flag from the window of a detention center [jail] in Donetsk. Eyewitnesses captured this moment on video: Source: Obozrevatel Ed.–There could perhaps be a no … Continue reading

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Horlivka, Ukraine

By Roman Sinicyn 05.07.2014 Translated by Voices of Ukraine Called my college buddy in Horlivka. He says that their city is a “f*cking Somalia” and that he’s getting his stuff ready to leave for Kyiv. Masked people with automatic machine guns … Continue reading

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10 Lessons For Putin

By Dmitry Atamanchuk.  05.03.2014 Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine. 10 lessons Vladimir Putin should take home from the Ukrainian history of revolutions and attempts to suppress them: 1. Ukrainians are insane en masse–instead of fleeing bullets they attack, even … Continue reading

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By Andriy Chybisov May 2, 2014 Today, my home town of Odessa joined the club of violence – russian “green men” – thugs armed with kalashnikovs, wearing masks and helmets, seized a trade center in the heart of city. Hundreds of … Continue reading

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Kharkiv citizen whose head was beaten in on Palm Sunday will be treated in Austria

Vladimir Silevich is already on the mend and doctors allow him to walk slowly supported by another’s hand. 04.25.2014 Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine Source: http://kp.ua/incidents/450004-kharkovchanyna-kotoromu-prolomyly-holovu-v-verbnoe-voskresene-otpraviat-na-lechenye-v-avstryui Doctors abroad will help the 29-year old professor at the Aerospace University, Vladimir Silevich, … Continue reading

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