Eyewitness story, Odesa May 2: “Not a single Odessan was in the House of Trade Unions fighting for the separation of Odesa!”

By Andriy Chybisov
May 2, 2014


Today, my home town of Odessa joined the club of violence – russian “green men” – thugs armed with kalashnikovs, wearing masks and helmets, seized a trade center in the heart of city. Hundreds of police are doing nothing, big fat zero! 

My father, a Chief Guard at Unicredit bank, had to visit a branch on the 1st floor of the trade center, because there had been an alarm signaling of a broken window. When we got there at 19.30, we saw lots of bricks from the pavement, a minivan still burning, dozens of broken cars. In my right hand is a brick from Greek Street. In my left hand is a brick from the City Garden in Deribasovskaya, Odessa’s main street. 

My cell phone died and I had left it home to recharge. Thank you all those who called to check up on my family and me.

While the events were unfolding at Afina trade center, the pro-putin tents at Kulikovo square became another center of street fights, when football ultras came over to dismantle those. The separatists retreated to the House of Trade Unions just behind one of the last monuments to Lenin in country. They directed gun fire at the soccer fans. Those responded with Molotov cocktails.

The building was set on fire, and before 10 firefighting trucks came over, about 24 separatists died from smoke suffocation. 

Out of the 24, 15 were Russians, and 9 had come from the unacknowledged pro-Russian part of Moldova, Transnistria. NOT A SINGLE ODESSAN WAS IN THERE FIGHTING FOR SEPARATION OF ODESSA !

Alas, Putin now has a cause to get his “peacekeepers” in – significant bloodshed in our always peaceful city of international commerce. 

Hands off from my hometown! Hands off from Ukraine!

Source: Andriy Chybisov FB

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