Kharkiv citizen whose head was beaten in on Palm Sunday will be treated in Austria

Vladimir Silevich is already on the mend and doctors allow him to walk slowly supported by another’s hand.

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


Doctors abroad will help the 29-year old professor at the Aerospace University, Vladimir Silevich, to close his terrible wound by building up the bone.

 Photo: sotsseti

Photo: sotsseti

The Kharkiv citizen injured in the bloody fight at Shevchenko Garden [Kharkiv] is getting better. The doctors let him walk a little supported by another’s hand. Vladimir Silevich was severely traumatized in the struggle and already underwent several brain surgeries (see “Komsomilskaya Pravda” date April 22). Vladimir can’t recall either what happened with him on April 13, or much of what happened in Ukraine during the last half a year. However, he recognizes his wife Kristina, their 3-year-old daughter, their relatives and friends.

– Vladimir lost all his bad memories – about the provocations of “little green men” and the annexation of Crimea. “I guess all of these lapses are for the best,” Ruslan, Vladimir’s friend remarks with a sigh. “His memory isn’t back yet, but he is feeling better. He moves around the hospital ward a little. It’s just hard for him to walk on his own because his motor coordination is disrupted. Vladimir can’t be transported abroad just yet.”

However, Silevich’s wife Kristina and his relatives have already started preparing the documents, Vladimir will get treatment in Austria. Ukrainian doctors suggested closing the open part of the skull with a titanium plate (a rather outdated method Vladimir’s friends say), while the European medics promise to grow the bone back.

“That’s why we want to get him operated on abroad so much. And we can’t postpone the trip for too long, because the wound is still open,” Ruslan explains. “Our big thanks to all the people who responded to the call for help and raised about 100,000 hryvnas – enough for the treatment in Austria – in literally 3 days. We have enough money for now, we don’t need more.”

Apart from Vladimir, two more men are still in hospital with head injuries [cranial trauma] while another man who has a slashed tendon in his hand and is waiting for an operation. To recap, Palm Sunday saw 50 people and three law enforcement officers injured in the clashes.

“I’m deeply grateful to everyone. The money keeps coming. They send 20 hryvnas, 100 hryvnas – whatever they can manage,” says Euromaidan volunteer Yarina Chagovets. “Many of those injured are still under treatment at home – people need drop bottles and antibiotics. Apart from that, tons of money will be needed to cover dental aid – many guys lost their teeth in the fight.”

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3 Responses to Kharkiv citizen whose head was beaten in on Palm Sunday will be treated in Austria

  1. chervonaruta says:

    Reblogged this on Euromaidan PR and commented:

    Kharkiv citizen whose head was beaten in on Palm Sunday will be treated in Austria: Vladimir Silevich is on the mend and walking slowly supported by others.

  2. Volodya says:

    What barbarians would attack and almost kill a peaceful Ukrainian patriot? I’m sickened by the poisoned minds, thanks to the Kremlin propagandists that have turned people into such animals.

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