10 Lessons For Putin

By Dmitry Atamanchuk.  05.03.2014
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine.

10 lessons Vladimir Putin should take home
from the Ukrainian history of revolutions and
attempts to suppress them:

1. Ukrainians are insane en masse–instead of fleeing bullets they attack, even without weapons. The use of rubber bullets–is quick suicide. Live ammunition–less rapid, but more brutal suicide.

2. Hundreds of travel journalists, women and football fans go to combat zones, driving not only the soldiers but the experienced “contractors” insane. The more victims there are–the bigger the flow of tourists who come.

3. Ukrainian football–is a screen behind which thousands of ultranationalist militants prepare. For an elective, they learn choral singing.

[example : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApNCSQpYxAc]

4. No one in Ukraine can be trusted. Not stupid Yanukovich, nor cunning Tymoshenko, nor the sell-out militia. Nobody keeps their promises, they betray at the earliest opportunity, flee, cross over to the other side, at best they just stand and watch as everything goes to hell.

5. Those with whom you can agree, for example with one’s bestie Medvedchuk, do not influence anything. And they also lie, especially about money.

6. The government in Ukraine is ready to do anything for money. But it does’t really matter, because in any incomprehensible or comprehensible situation, Ukrainians throw a big Molotov cocktail at the government.

7. The Internet and social media are the hellish weapon of the CIA, much worse than a nuclear bomb.

8. Cobblestones and paving tiles on the streets–are evil. Only asphalt! But without cars, since cars have removable tires.

9. The invention of glass containers, gasoline and matches–these are Western machinations. Vyacheslav Molotov is an enemy of the people.

10. Any Ukrainian, whether a miner or an office clerk, a citizen of Odessa or Kyiv, an Armenian, a Jew, or a Crimean Tatar–is a Banderite from birth. This is not a political orientation, it is a piece of DNA.

Source: Dmitry Atamanchuk FB


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