Oleh Liashko: Our Answer to the Agressor…

17.03.2014  8:52  ukr-online.com
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

The Russian government, in contrast to the rest of the world, has recognized the Crimean “referendum,” which it organized, and will now take advantage of its falsified results to legitimize its predatory activities in Ukraine.

What action can we take in this situation?

1. Never, under any circumstances, agree to the annexation of Crimea. Even if it is held a long time, we will return Crimea to the jurisdiction of Ukraine;

2. Denounce the Great Treaty of Friendship 1997 between Russia and Ukraine, to break diplomatic relations with Russia;

3. Denounce the Kharkiv Pact of 2010, to extend the right for Russia to base its Black Sea fleet in Crimea. Cancel the Partition Treaty of 1997 concerning the stationing of the fleet in Crimea;

4. Apply immediately for membership in the EU and NATO;

5. Establish European prices for the delivery from Ukraine to Crimea of fresh water, gas, electricity (for gas: $500 per 1000 m3, for water: $1000 per 1000 m3, for electricity: $500 per kW). Let Russia pay dearly for Crimea’s “independence”;

6. Establish the price for the transit of Russian gas to Europe – $500 per m3 and not $10 as currently. If Russia should refuse to pay, close the valves;

7. Introduce visa requirements for Russia. The EU should then establish visa-free entry for Ukrainian citizens and help Ukraine equip its borders with Russia;

8. The EU should refuse entry to European Union countries of Crimean residents with Russian passports;

9. Should Russia not halt its attempts to destabilize the situation in Eastern Ukraine and introduce its army for the “protection of the Russian-speaking population” in the Donbas, Kharkiv and Odesa Regions, our army and special forces are to use unconditional and strictest measures to stop the separatist orgies in these areas, organized under the leadership of Russian agents;

10. The Communist Party and the Party of the Regions should be immediately forbidden as agents of the occupiers. Parliamentarians who called for the plunder of Ukraine – Kolisnychenko, Tsaryov, Deych, et al. should immediately be stripped of their mandate;

11. Ukrainian citizens who participate in separatist demonstrations for annexation to Russia, will be considered agents of the occupiers, and should be stripped of their Ukrainian citizenship and be held responsible under the criminal charge of treason;

12. The broadcasting of Russian television and radio channels and Russian publications used as tools of the propaganda war against our country should be banned;

13. The full combat readiness of the Armed Forces and the full mobilization of military service citizens of Ukraine should be put into effect. Attempts to block the movement of the military or their technology will be equivalent to treason. The creation of detachments of the National Guard. Given the poor material and technical condition of our army, NATO and the United States should allot provide maximal help with current technology and weapons;

14. At the time of armed military aggression, the introduction of the death penalty for traitors, saboteurs, looters, murderers, deserters and spies.

I warn you in advance: the fight will be long and difficult. But if we do not fight, we will lose Ukraine!

Oleh Liashko, MP and leader of the Radical Party

Oleh Liashko, MP

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4 Responses to Oleh Liashko: Our Answer to the Agressor…

  1. chervonaruta says:

    Reblogged this on Euromaidan PR and commented:

    Ukrainian MP Oleh Liashko’s 14-point response to Russian aggression

  2. Robin Molnar says:

    If you don not protect Ulraine, Russia will invade you and when it does, half of i will be sent to Siberia.

    Don’t draw your weapons, but do not allow Russia control you.

  3. Oleh Wlasenko says:

    As usual thoughtful and pragmatic advice from Mr. Liashko. If only the international community would listen and support such a person.

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