Fallen Crimean Tatar: Reshat Ametov, Simferopol



Reshat Ametov from Simferopol (photo confirmed by the Majlis) was found murdered on the evening of March 15 in Sunychne village, Bilohirst district.

As was reported earlier by Jemilev Mustafa, leader of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, Ametov went missing on the 3rd or 4th of March. The last thing known about his whereabouts is the fact that he went to the recruiting office and disappeared. His body was found with obvious signs of torture. Beside him were handcuffs, his head was bound in tape strips. On his body were visible signs of pain and torture.

Hundreds of mourners gathered at a cemetery outside Simferopol on Tuesday for the burial of Reshat Ametov, whose murder sparked anger in the Crimean Tatar community which is bitterly opposed to Russia’s annexation of the Black Sea peninsula.


Here is another photo of mourning Crimean Tatars attending the funeral of killed Ukrainian activist Reshat Ametov.


Mr. Ametov disappeared when three men in military jackets led him away from the scene of a protest in the Crimean regional capital of Simferopol, witnesses told Reuters. One friend at the burial said that he had gone into town in order to enlist for the Ukrainian army amid escalating tensions with Russia.

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    Reshat Ametov, Fallen Crimean Tatar from Simferopol

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    He is a Hero of the Crimean Tatar people …

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