Source: Dmitry Tymchuk, Information Resistance

Brothers, here is a summary of March 6:
(for summary of the previous day, see Summary of March 5)

The situation is not getting better. It looks like our society has recovered from the first shock of the Russian invasion. The current attitude is persisting bewilderment and rejection of the Kremlin’s deranged behavior.

The bad news:

1. Crimea, under the rule of Putin’s Gauleiters, is quickly preparing an emergency exit from Ukraine. Uncle Vova [Putin] is in a bit of a pickle – his lies about ‘no Russian soldiers in Crimea’ are now working against him. The international community is completely on Kyiv’s side, and the Ukrainian military, after recovering from the initial stupor, started making concrete plans. The time is working against Putin.

Thus, the forced mode of stealing the Crimea is being activated. Obviously, the Kremlin had hoped to separate the entire southeastern part of Ukraine. But they decided that a Bakhchisaray bird in the hand is worth two in the Donetsk terricone. Ukraine, however, does not feel better because of it, as it is still being ripped apart.

2. In the second half of the day, the situation in the Crimea appeared calm, but incoming signals were not very encouraging. We received information from multiple sources about expected night assaults on our military units. We didn’t include this information in our reports, because we did not have enough details. The tension, however, remains high.

Ukrainian military remains the main P.I.T.A. in Crimea for Putin, and right now, he would be tempted to get rid of this problem in a single blow.
3. Today, according to our information, Russian special forces and riot police started arriving in Crimea. The peninsula is already packed full of Russian troops to mount a defense – now they need professional punishers to disperse and terrorize.

Simultaneously, the emissaries of our Information Resistance group, who have been monitoring the situation in Crimea over the last two days, report that gangs run by Aksyonov (so-called “self-defense”) are not displaying the heights of discipline, and neither do the Cossack units imported from Russia. Many of them are drunk, and act rudely to civilians, often threatening them, even with weapons. Any residents of Crimea who still view them as “defenders” are due for a disenchantment, and soon.

The good news:

1. The world does not recognize the Crimean referendum. US President Obama has already stated that such referendum would violate international law and the Constitution of Ukraine. Europe is halting negotiations with Russia on visas and trade. Very determined sanctions are being discussed.

It is obvious that unless the pressure continues and the problem is resolved now, Crimea will become new Abkhazia tomorrow. After that, sure, we can have a gloat over the Crimeans, for living in a completely illegal pseudo-state, and for their loss of their traditional earnings from tourists – but who will benefit in the end? Definitely not us.


2. At this difficult time, the army has begun the process of self-cleaning. Not the best time for this, but it’s not good to fight while carrying sh-t on board. The Russian media raised such a stink when Yanukovych’s henchmen started getting kicked out from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine! Of course, they dressed it all up in politics: allegedly, these people were opposed to the military legalization of “Right Sector,” and now suffered for this. In Russian media, these henchmen are pictured as steadfast martyrs.

In truth, these bureaucrats would never say a word against their superiors. When Yanukovych said ‘jump’, these “strategists” jumped, and rushed to throw the Army against the people. They would legalize anyone if given the order.

The main question today is – who will be assigned in their stead. But something tells us that the new ones can hardly be worse.

3. Today the work of our Information Resistance group gained international credibility. The efficiency and reliability of our information have been already recognized by quite serious international institutions.

It is flattering and pleasing, especially considering how “marginal” we really are. But a much more important thing is that our job is what our country needs. We must tell the world the truth, and this is our battlefront. Not mine, not any one person’s – but a front for us all, my brothers. Without your help, we wouldn’t have achieved one percent of what has already been done. I am a military man, myself, and accustomed to strict subordination. All the greater my shock at how our team is working without a clear structure, line of command, and even without distinct objectives – and yet it’s effective nonetheless. Maybe that is because our main purpose is very clear, and that purpose is – defending Ukraine. Even if we’re currently limited to the information space.

So let the new day make it clear for all of us that our work brings new successes and victories for Ukraine, however small.

For a detailed account of this day, see March 6 – Reports from the Ground

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3 Responses to INVASION OF CRIMEA – March 6, 2014 – SUMMARY

  1. Ukrainians are a remarkable people. Stand strong! Stand united! Pray; defend Ukraine and tell your story to the world. I stand with you!!

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