Source: Dmitry Tymchuk, Information Resistance


Brothers, this is what we have as of March 7th evening:
(for summary of the previous day, see Summary of March 6)

The bad news:

1. Putin has ordered his troops and armed gangs to flush out all Ukranian forces out of the (Crimean) peninsula by March 16th. Russian troops still show some discipline, but our data indicates they are losing morale. That’s right: formally they aren’t even there according to Putin, and thus, formally, they are nothing more than Aksenov’s criminals from so-called “self-defense forces.” This situation must be used immediately – they might go completely out of control by tomorrow.

2. This doesn’t do us much good. While Ukranian troops are not ready to surrender, according to our sources, their morale also weakens. That is understandable: Kyiv has not provided them with a plan of action. Not even a subtle suggestion as to what will happen in the future.

We agreed not to criticize Ukranian military and political high command under these circumstances, but I must confess, as a military man, I cannot imagine what I would think or feel if I were in their shoes. I can understand weakness, problems, and a postrevolutionary situation in our country. But I will never understand a state’s betrayal of its soldiers. Because this is not right. And it pains me to see how the New Ukraine is starting off its history with betrayal of its army. Well, not Ukraine itself – because today every Ukranian, every citizen holds our boys  in his or her heart and soul. But the Ukrainian leadership must exhibit the yearning.

I’m talking quietly right now, but I will be shouting about this tomorrow. Because any army is capable to hold its ground for as long as the soldier knows what he stands for. Our soldiers do not know this – they do not understand who they are standing for.

3. As expected, Russia had not kept its promise. Russian “manuevers” along the Ukranian borders that were due to end today are intesifying. I have been tapping all our sources today and neither one of them could tell that any Russian unit has been withdrawn. On the contrary, MRLS units are being brought closer to the border. This means that the battle for the Ukranian south-east is not over.

The good news:

1. Yatsenuk told us about generous offers from the West. Actually, we understand that this is the key to the success in our future successful confrontation with Russia. We can state that Europeans have supported us not just with words, but with deeds. And that Russia is in fact doing the very thing it opposed: it forcefully integrates Ukraine into Europe. However, this bears the price of bitter realization of how brutish the Russian leader and his gang can be.

2. We did not unveil our preliminary intelligence on FSB strike groups (4-5 groups) that infiltrated Ukraine yesterday and the day before yesterday with the task of kidnapping Ukrainian civic activists in various cities in Ukraine. We did not rush to transmit this information because although the information was very critical, it was still unconfirmed. As we found out today, execution of the plans by Russian intelligence agencies (while being very real) was rejected by the higher command. We hope these plans will perish in the FSB paranoiacs’ files.

3. Today we confirmed quite hilarious information that the Russian military absolutely do not trust the Crimean “Berkut” [special police unit]. Our emissaries managed to talk to several families of Berkut policemen, and all of them reiterate that ex-police-collaborators are being pressured by their new masters, and are sent on any missions only with close supervision. Either Russian military accompanies Berkut or Cossacks are entrusted with an honorable mission to watch these men.

In any case, the end is near. There are too many things happening today to believe it is not. Let the new day bring us the understanding that the outcome will not be a bitter one.

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