INVASION OF CRIMEA – March 6 – reports from the ground

Infographic courtesy of Hromadske.TV

Infographic courtesy of Hromadske.TV

07:10 – Russian Troops Renew Some Blockades

Report of Information Resistance
Unfortunately, just as we feared, the removed troops did not stay away for long. In Perevalnoye, the Russian soldiers returned a mere hours later. We are looking into the reasons behind these maneuvers.

However, the military blockade was not restored on all units. The best news in that respect is probably the Ukrainian Navy Headquarters in Sevastopol. Currently, it is only being blocked by the “self-defense”. We’re awaiting pictures from the scene – our reports say that some of Aksyonov’s fighters are wearing white armbands, looking just like WW2-era polizei.

The weakened blockade of the Navy Headquarters bore some fruit. A few people managed to persuade “Putin’s tourists” to let them inside, after a thorough search. Some food was also delivered into the H.Q.

07:37 – Serbian ‘Consultants’ Confirmed

Report of Information Resistance
Yesterday, we reported that Serbian “consultants” from the Chetnik movement arrived in Crimea, to advise and assist the Russian military, in their joint project to turn Crimea into new Kosovo. That has been confirmed in the Serbian media, and is clearly a secret to no-one.

Milutin Malisic (center, holding icon) with his cossacks

Milutin Malisic (center, holding icon) with his cossacks

08:39 – Russians Scuttle Own Ship to Block Waterway at Donuzlav

Report of Information Resistance
After yesterday’s reports by Information Resistance about the movement of Russian ships in Crimea, Russian media, continuing to wage its information war, tried to discredit our sources, based on the fact that some of the ships we mentioned had been written off, after exhausting their useful life.

We did not offer comments on the situation, because we did not understand that maneuver, ourselves. We see our first task as providing up-to-date objective information, and analyzing its causes and effects is the next step.

The night of March 5-6 provided us with an understanding of the movements we reported before.

In particular, during the night, the Russians blew up and scuttled two ships, in order to block the navigation channel and obstruct passage for the Ukrainian ships based in Novoozernoye. The scuttled Russian ships were “Ochakov” AWS, Kara class (in the Russian fleet since 1973) and “Shakter” rescue tugboat (in the fleet since 1985).

At this time, the navigation channel is blocked. We believe this was done in order to prevent Ukrainian ships from leaving Lake Donuzlav for Odessa.

PHOTOGRAPHS and FOOTAGE of the scuttled Ochakov AWS:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

10:31 – Ukrainian Intelligence Officers Detained

Report of Information Resistance
We received reports that in Crimea, henchmen of the occupants illegally detained three Ukrainian intelligence officers who were fulfilling their tasks on the territory of Ukraine.

They were detained on March 2, at the block post near Krasnoperekopsk (Crimea), by employees of the illegal formation “Berkut” [formerly riot police, disbanded on February 25, 2014] and Kuban Cossacks [Russia]. After being detained, the intelligence officers were handed over to Russian military servicemen (“the little green men”).

They, in turn, handed over their prisoners to the FSB [Federal Security Service of Russia]. We are receiving reports that there are plans to move captive officers to Russia.

Ukrainian intelligence officers were armed with Glock handguns and carried documents that identified them as officers of the Ukrainian special service.

Our most recent information tells us that the captive intelligence officers are held on the premises of the military command of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol (Nakhimova square). Their mobile phones are kept in the Russian Black Sea Fleet headquarters.

VIDEO of the capture:

Start at 04:00:

Start at 03:17:

(As a whole, the commentary and interviews in the videos detail the heroic efforts of the “Crimean self-defense” to maintain peace on the peninsula.)

11:02 – Multiple Attempts of Bribery for Propaganda

Report of Information Resistance
Russia has turned its military men in Crimea into distributors of cheap propaganda.

Information Resistance has become aware of the numerous attempts to bribe the press service representatives of the Ukrainian state authorities in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, in attempt to get them to cover the situation in the light preferred by the occupants.

There are reports of such offers made by such Russian channels as NTV, First Channel, and others.

The amount offered as reward for cooperation depends on the level of the official in the hierarchy, and on what “desired information” should be communicated. Offers vary from several several thousand to tens of thousand US dollars.

We keep careful track of the names of the Russian bribe-takers.

11:12 – Further Proof of Ukrainian Ships Blocked by Occupants – VIDEO

Report of Information Resistance
Video from Youtube channel of Information Resistance

13:39 – New Arrivals in North Crimea

Report of Information Resistance
We receive reports that a battalion of occupant forces in BMP-2 marine vehicles (APCs) has arrived near Djankoy. Earlier, a unit was transferred to the Perevalnoye district, also on board of BMP-2 vehicles.

According to our sources, these are servicemen from the Russian “Vostok” battalion (arrived to relieve the personnel blockading the Ukrainian military units until now). The new arrivals show clear signs of aggression directed against both Ukrainian military and local civilians.

13:40 – Sniper Sighting in Sevastopol

Report of Information Resistance
We received a report of snipers, located near the blockaded Ukrainian Navy Headquarters in Sevastopol. They are dressed in military uniforms without insignia. Their sniper rifles are equipped with silencers.

14:20 – Entry to Kherson Oblast Secured by Ukrainian Troops

Report of Information Resistance
Emissaries of Information Resistance scouted the Chonhar-Salkovo direction (Kherson oblast), where Crimea connects to the mainland. We visited block posts organized by Ukrainian paratroopers from independent airmobile brigade N79 (Mykolayiv) together with servicemen of the State Border Service of Ukraine. They are equipped with APCs.

Ukrainian military state that they are ready to repel any attempt of the Russian occupants to enter the mainland. Armed details of border guards carry out patrols along the Arabat Spit. The locals are very friendly to the defenders, and keep bringing them homemade food.

At this time, on the side of Chonhar, Ukrainian troops are opposed by Russian militaries without insignia (“the little green men”) and Russian Cossacks. The occupants’ armored vehicles are thoroughly camouflaged – probably in an effort to hide from international observers. Installations of anti-tank guided missiles were also spotted on the enemy territory.

16:22 – Russian Troops Near Ukrainian Border Remain Unchanged

Report of Information Resistance
Due to the training of the Russian air defense forces conducted by the Russian side some 450 km away from the Ukrainian borders, we studied the situation in the Russian regions adjacent to Ukraine. Over the last day, we observed no large-scale movement of Russian troops, which were earlier deployed and stationed in direct proximity to our borders in the course of so-called “training”.

Russian air reconnaissance flights have been observed along the Ukrainian border during the past few days (although without breaches of the Ukrainian airspace).

16:28 – Assault on Yevpatoriya Air Defense Unit

Report of Information Resistance
The Ukrainian air defense regiment at Yevpatoria is under attack again.

Yesterday, Russian forces withdrew from their positions surrounding the regiment, leaving only “Putin’s tourists” and Russian cossacks. The Ukrainians took advantage of this breather to strengthen their defenses.

However, the Russian forces returned today – these are paratroopers from the 76th Airborne Division from Pskov.

Also taking part in the attach are fighters from the Crimean armed gang “Berkut”.

16:46 – Yevpatoriya Assault Stopped

Report of Information Resistance
Yevpatoria update – the assault failed soon after starting. The Ukrainian command started negotiations with the Russian occupants.

A difficulty lies in the fact that new arrivals of the Russian military are highly unfriendly. Servicemen previously fired from the Armed Forces of Ukraine for various reasons were identified among the cossacks who took part in the assault.


Report of Information Resistance
In the course of repelling the attack on the 55th regiment in Yevpatoria, and the subsequent negotiations with the Russian occupiers, Ukrainian officers firmly announced their intention to prevent the attackers from capturing their unit again.

Combat weapons have been distributed to the personnel.

The regiment commanders declare that the unit’s morale is high.

Video of the situation around the Yevpatoria military unit yesterday, by Hromadske TV:

18:00 – Crimean Tatars Bring Supplies for Ukrainian Military

Report of Information Resistance
The support offered by Crimean Tatars to Ukrainian soldiers did not stop at words alone.

Today, Information Resistance found out that Crimean Tatars living in Feodosiya and Sudak delivered five cars’ worth of food and water for the servicemen of the Feodosiya Marine Battalion.

The ‘delivery men’ crossed the line of pro-Russian militia that were holding the unit in blockade. It should be noted that the ‘Putitushkas’ [‘Putin’s tourists’, hired thugs] did not use to let anyone through – but clearly, decided not to pick a fight with Crimean Tatars.

Together with Ukrainian servicemen, the new arrivals carried the supplies inside the unit.

Crimean Tatars say that this act is only the beginning of their support for the Ukrainian military.

18:10 – Possible Large-Scale Protest by Crimean Tatars Planned

Report of Information Resistance
Mejlis of the Crimean Tatars decided to hold a large-scale protest.

On March 8, 11:00, Crimean Tatars residing in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea are going to form a live chain along the main automobile roads of Crimea. The protesters will be demanding to cease Russian occupation in the Crimean peninsula.

Report of Information Resistance
I regret to inform that our reports on the protest organized by the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People were premature. The Crimean Tatar leaders did not reach this decision, as I was now informed by their representatives. They promised to promptly let us know of any such decisions in the future. I apologize to everyone for this misinformation, and I promise that this shall be our first and only slip-up. In our defense, the original information about the protest had been communicated to us by two independent sources.

The good news is, we now have a direct communication link to the leaders of the Mejlis. Every cloud has a silver lining.

18:16 – Illegal Intrusion on Krym-Kuban Checkpoint

Report of Information Resistance
According to the reports received by Information Resistance, today, on March 6, 2014, a group of Russian military servicemen entered the territory of Ukraine through the ferry service border checkpoint “Krym-Kuban”. The group consisted of approximately 200 armed men and 2 fuel operators, traveling on 10 KAMAZ trucks.

The Ukrainian border guard detail that was due to inspect the arrivals on the ferry from Russia was blocked by Russian soldiers and prevented from carrying out the inspection. Thus, armed militaries arriving from the Russian Federation illegally intruded on the Ukrainian territory.

Our sources in the State Border Service point out that the heads of the State Border Service addressed a letter of protest to Colonel-General Kuleshov, First Deputy Head of the Border Guard Service with the Federal Security Service [FSB] of Russia. The letter points out that situations like the one described above are not isolated cases, but commonplace, and constitute a crass violation of the terms of deployment of the Russian Federation’s Black Sea Fleet on the territory of Ukraine.

18:38 – Persons Responsible for Arrest of Ukrainian Intelligence Officers Identified

Report of Information Resistance
Earlier today, we reported about an illegal and brutal arrest of three Ukrainian intelligence officers by henchmen of the occupants, who then handed their captives to FSB [Federal Security Service, Russia].

Information Self-Defense identified the persons who organized the arrest. They are pictured in the photographs below.
The man in the sheepskin hat is Valentyn Veselov, one of the deputies of former Chieftain Savotin, former head of staff at the Novorossiysk City Cossack Society. He was involved in numerous scandals related to insubordination to the district chieftain, poor knowledge of the Army Regulation, and lack of adherence to cossack traditions, including subordination. Veselov’s former superior, ex-chieftain Savotin, was the first ever chieftain to be expelled from Kuban cossack ranks. Veselov was quick to grass him up at cossack meetings, admitting to instances of bad document management, incompetent to the point of forgery.

The man in police lieutenant colonel uniform is Sergey Kolbin, born 29.10.1969 in Russia. Registered address at 5 Shostaka st., Sevastopol, tax ID 2550415775. Employed by the Sevastopol Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, commander of “Berkut” special designation unit, current rank of colonel. He graduated from Donetsk Higher Military-Political School. Possible served in the Central Group of Soviet Troops in the Czech Republic (Mlada-Boleslav) and military unit A4110 “Kobra” (Balaklava). May be driving a black Ssang Yong brand car, license plates СН 6688.

20:00 – Border Guard Unit in Schelkino Under Russian Control

Report of Information Resistance
We received reports that Russian special forces took control of the Ukrainian State Border Guard unit in Schelkino (Crimea). No victims reported.

20:05 – Ukrainian Orthodox Church Calls Rally

Report of Information Resistance
Our Ukrainian Orthodox Church appears to be the bravest in Crimea in terms of supporting Peace and Unity in Ukraine. Tomorrow, a peaceful demonstration “For Peace – for United Ukraine” to be held at on March 7, at 11:00 in Simferopol in front of the Taras Shevchenko monument. There will be prayer service for peace and tranquility for all Crimeans. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church sends the invitation:

“We ask all Crimeans to come and pray for Crimea and Ukraine! We ask everyone to come and be calm, even in critical situations, and to show the strength of spirit in our common struggle for Crimea – multinational, prosperous, beloved by all of us!”

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