Creative resistance: besieged Marines give a concert for “the little green men” from Russia

It’s Day 105 of the Revolution in Ukraine.

The Crimean occupation by “unidentified soldiers under Russian command” (dubbed the “little green men” by Ukrainian military) continues…

But today’s lesson comes from the talented and brave Marines under siege on their base in Kerch, Crimea, military unit А 0669, who are showing the world: to never stop being creative even under the worst circumstances, because creativity is resistance.

Even as hostages under siege (their base is surrounded by “little green men” with rather large weapons) Ukrainian Marines serenade their Russian brothers with an impromptu outdoor concert. Even our marines are talented musicians and generous hosts! 


Alexander “Sasha” Sema

Meet Sasha (Alexander Sema), the lead singer in the video below, who is a poet, a Junior Sergeant and was a peacekeeper in Kosovo. In this video clip he sings a song from Okean Elzy, one of Ukraine’s most popular and successful rock bands (recently banned from playing in St. Petersburg, Russia and accused of being “nationalist”).

The song is “That Day” – and the chorus he sings in the video is:

I’ll draw that day
Where I’m flying and that day
Where I’m singing.
That one day! That one day!
And I see a seagull in flight,
I’m in heaven, not in the mud,
I’m in that day, that day…

Bravo, heroes! You demonstrate once again that the revolution of dignity continues on daily…!

Marines show what courage and the love of life really are


The Marines staged a Stroygorodke/Storybrooke outdoor concert. The impromptu concert at the military base became a kind of message to anyone who thinks that the Marines are demoralized.

According to the deputy commander for work with personnel, Oleksiy Nikiforov, the purpose of the concert is to lighten the mood and morale of personnel and show everyone that the Marines are okay.

“You know, everyone was tired, the psychological pressure was so strong, and to cheer people up – the idea came to organize a concert today. My fighters play in the group “Foreign Land,” which was formed more than a year ago. They gathered together with enthusiasm, without instruments, a drum was wedged into the stool, and they began. Now people play and compose their own songs. The soloist is Alexander Sema, the director is Nikolay Semin,”- our deputy commander who presented the musicians.

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Earlier, residents of Kerch could hear this musical band on the promenade where they gave a concert on Navy Day. The Marines also gave a concert for pupils of the Republican boarding school, who are trained as “School apprentices,” which was organized by the Marines.

The Marine’s repertoire – include his own songs, as well as compositions from the groups “Earring,” “The Time Machine,” “Okean Elzy” and others.

Viewers were not indifferent. The musicians sang, and  soldiers and journalists all clapped. The armed men, stationed at the entrance gates, reported the correspondent of “Arguments week – Kerch” that they loved the concert, and they are grateful to the guys for these unexpected positive emotions.

Isis Wisdom, Voices of Ukraine

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7 Responses to Creative resistance: besieged Marines give a concert for “the little green men” from Russia

  1. chervonaruta says:

    Reblogged this on Euromaidan PR and commented:

    Besieged Marines in Kerch serenade the “little green men” from Russia.

  2. Roger Fogg says:

    Where art comes in, an eternal seed is planted for the future giant tree of peace. Of course it needs time to grow and mature, and we should be patient.

  3. rovitot says:

    Reblogged this on rovitothis201 and commented:
    “Even our marines are talented musicians and generous hosts! “

  4. Crafter says:

    Reblogged this on LIFECRAFTERS and commented:
    This is one of several examples of non-violent resistance that is being practiced in Ukraine.

  5. Former US Soldier says:

    Alexander Sema, you and all of the Ukrainian military have shown the world (and the little green men) your courage, class, and overwhelming restraint in the most difficult of circumstances, and you have gained the world’s (and my) utmost respect. I pray that the outcome of this dilemma is a good one for Ukraine and its people, and that your soldiers and their families remain safe. I would only hope that the little green men realize their mistakes, and think how they and their families would react if their motherland was invaded by armed soldiers.

  6. Roger Fogg says:

    Still thinking about the “seed for peace and non-violence” I found this poem for children (typically it makes sense for older people too):

    A very little plant
    Was buried deep so deep
    In the heart of a seed.
    Yes, that tiny plant
    Was fast asleep.
    “Wake!” said a sunshine
    “And creep to the light!”
    “Wake!” said the voice
    Of the raindrops bright.
    The little plant heard
    And rose slowly to see
    How inspiring and wonderful
    The outside world can be.

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