Express your Words of Support to Ukrainian Servicemen in Crimea!!!

Express your Words of Support to Ukrainian Servicemen in Crimea!!!


The television and radio broadcasting company of Ukrainian Naval Forces ‘BRIZ’, which operates out of Sevastopol and broadcasts to ALL military units in Crimea, is appealing to all those who wish to express their support to the Ukrainian military units stationed in Crimea.

You may call +380-692-48-13-12 anytime between 10 a.m. & 5 p.m.

It seeks messages of support from journalists, the clergy, notable personalities, other military bases from around the world and anyone else who wishes to offer words of encouragement over the air to the Ukrainian servicemen.

The coordinator of the radio program, Yevhen Stetsiuk, can be reached at +380-98-563-21-41.

You may also write letters of support or send videos to

Finally, you may visit their official page at:

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3 Responses to Express your Words of Support to Ukrainian Servicemen in Crimea!!!

  1. Wsevolod says:

    “Ми Хлопцьі Підемо, Боротисьа Будемо.”
    I am a Ukrainian who has lived in the United States of America since I was 5 years old. I am also a United States Marine for 22 years. I send my respect and brotherly greeting to the Ukrainian Marine brothers who stand in courageous opposition to the cowardly actions of the Russian invaders. Братьа, you have my admiration and you are in my daily prayer. May God grant you strength, mercy, and honor in your heroic resistance in support of freedom for our Батківчина. The words of the Ukrainian Partisan Army, УПА, will inspire your courage, honor, and commitment and I leave you with the U.S. Marines’ motto: Semper Fidelis-Always Faithful.
    Colonel “Wsevolod”; Полковник “Всеволод”

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