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Dozens of Party of Regions Members Fled Ukraine

Twenty-six members of the Party of Regions flew out of Ukraine on a chartered jet owned by former Prime Minister Azarov’s son. They left Ukraine around midnight. Khvylia obtained this information from a source in the Party of Regions. Another … Continue reading

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To the attention of the Financial Intelligence of the USA: money from the Yanukovich regime – in American politics

Sergii Leshchenko, Ukrainska Pravda _ Wednesday, February, 5-th., 22:16 (c) RFE/RL Over $10 mln have been invested by the Party of Regions into American politics. This amount was paid for the services of lobbying firms in Washington by the Yanukovch … Continue reading

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A real “St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre” in the East. A blow dealt to the Party of Regions

[“St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre,” is used as a local expression in the text.] By Sergey Vysotskyi 27.01.2014 16:43, LIGABusinessInform  Source: http://liga.net/opinion/169874_varfolomeevskaya-noch-na-vostoke-po-partii-regionov-nanesen-udar.htm Police truncheons and bats that beat people last night in Zaporizhya and Dnepropetrovsk split prospects for the Party of Regions and … Continue reading

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From espreso.tv: “Parliament voted to abolish the Kolesnychenko-Oleinik laws passed on January 16, 2014. The abolition succeeded with 361 votes. #ukrainian_revolution #Євромайдан #euromaidan #революціягідності #евромайдан #whitehouse According to a correspondent from Espreso.tv, the breakdown of the vote [to abolish the … Continue reading

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January 16, 2014 by Oleg Soskin, Director of the Institute of Society Transformation Translated by Anna Syvura Source: http://osp-ua.info/comments/26824-partija-regioniv-i-komunisti-zdiysnili-derzhavniy-zakolot–oleg-soskin.html The Party of Regions along with the communists on January 16 carried out a coup. Violating the Constitution of Ukraine, violating the Ukrainian … Continue reading

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