“Parliament voted to abolish the Kolesnychenko-Oleinik laws passed on January 16, 2014. The abolition succeeded with 361 votes.
#ukrainian_revolution #Євромайдан #euromaidan #революціягідності #евромайдан #whitehouse

According to a correspondent from, the breakdown of the vote [to abolish the laws] was as follows:

161 Party of Regions
81 Homeland (Batkivshchina)
35 Svoboda
0 Communist Party of Ukraine
39 Independent

The Speaker, Volodymyr Rybak, opened this special session of the parliament with 395 registered MPs in attendance. Almost immediately , he announced a 30-minute break and invited the leaders of the factions to his office .

A little later, Rybak announced a break until 12:00, after planning to adopt two important laws .

‘I declare a break untill 12 o’clock. After which, we all need to get together and adopt two important laws,’ said the speaker.”

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