January 16, 2014
by Oleg Soskin, Director of the Institute of Society Transformation
Translated by Anna Syvura

The Party of Regions along with the communists on January 16 carried out a coup. Violating the Constitution of Ukraine, violating the Ukrainian legislation, through the help of internal machinations they accepted a document which will result in the country’s crash. All the budget discussion procedures were ignored.

An alliance of ruling oligarchs took place, whose base are made up of gangsters, KGB agents and higher communist nomenclature along with the Communist party. We once again saw that this is the unique red and brown dragon that has one stomach and two heads: red and brown. Plutocracy has united with the communist nomenclature and together they accepted an anti-popular budget, having completely ignored the people’s will.

Consequently, communists that unanimously voted for the anti-popular budget once again proved to be betrayers. The communist party proved once again, that it needs to be treated the same as a monument to Lenin. It needs to be unhinged as a structure which serves criminal and corrupt interests. It has completely exhausted itself.

However, as treason is what took place in the parliament, many people who voted for the anti-popular budget undertake responsibility for it. They ignored millions of people’s will who have gathered on the EuroMaidan and drove the situation into a deadlock from which there is no exit. Ukraine now flies into the abyss.


Oleg Soskin, Director of the Institute of Society Transformation

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