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EYEWITNESS: How Moscow views that ‘reunited brotherhood’ with Crimea in practice

By Maxim Mireyev 06.06.2014 Translated by William Risch and edited by Voices of Ukraine A former classmate from the Printers’ Academy, a rock-solid “Crimea is Ours!” supporter, has sent me a repentant letter from Moscow via Vkontakte [Russian social network … Continue reading

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INFORMATION RESISTANCE, DELTA SECTION: If Putin talks about peace, we must prepare for war.

Delta Section of Information Resistance. 05.07.2014 Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine. On May 7, Vladimir Putin called for armed separatists in the Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts [regions] to abandon the idea of holding a referendum planned for May 11. Of … Continue reading

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Linguistics as a weapon of [Russian] special ops

By “Zhyt’ v Kyeve [To live in Kyiv]” FB Group 05.06.2014 Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine The “Izvestia” graphic says: “Three militants eliminated in special operation in Dagestan” I don’t get it, what is it??  Under the new rules, … Continue reading

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Statement by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding accusations of Russia’s violation of its obligations under the Budapest Memorandum of 5 December 1994

Voices of Ukraine re-prints this text as it appears in the original on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website with original typos, we do not endeavor to alter it any here for the sake of posterity.  715-01-04-2014 Regarding the alleged … Continue reading

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Problems in Crimea: the worst is yet to come

Yulia Smirnova 03.24.2014 Facebook Translated by Anna Danilova and edited by Voices of Ukraine Source: https://www.facebook.com/smirnovaulya/posts/620482008007764 [My brother] Orest called from Simferopol. In short, he said the following: The underground passages are not illuminated anymore. He was walking to work through an … Continue reading

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