Problems in Crimea: the worst is yet to come

Yulia Smirnova
03.24.2014 Facebook
Translated by Anna Danilova and edited by Voices of Ukraine

[My brother] Orest called from Simferopol.

In short, he said the following:

The underground passages are not illuminated anymore. He was walking to work through an underpass, and a few Russian servicemen passed him in the opposite direction. They were cursing and using their cell phones as flashlights, because the darkness was just terrible. No electricity.

Between themselves, they said that they would have to stay in Crimea without illumination for a while. 🙂

And I thought that this morning I’d heard on the radio about Russia willing to sell [natural] gas to us at a price of $500, while Europe would sell it cheaper – at $350.

And now, the neighbours are complaining that the air is no longer fresh in the city, and that it stinks of diesel oil everywhere.

And they are just getting started… The worst is yet to come.

I received a phone call from my former classmate who lives in Yalta. She is totally overwhelmed with panic, because she is 7 months pregnant, and only now has she realized that Russia is not paying her child benefits. And earlier she yelled that we all are khokhols [derogatory] and nobodies. I told her to address this request to Moscow, which is their capital now. In the end, she told me that she hated all Russians.

How quickly she has changed her mind. 🙂


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