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Maidan won’t heal – Maidan is memory

By Julia Babich 11.22.2014 Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine We went to Maidan [Kyiv’s Independence Square] from the side of Kyiv’s City Council … Ruslana had just started to sing the hymn [National Anthem] … Déjà-vu … back then .. December … Continue reading

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Putins drei Hauptziele in der Ukraine

Kreml-Herrscher nutzt Ukraine als Experimentallabor, um die Russen ruhigzustellen Die Geschichte mit der Ukraine war für Putin kein Selbstzweck. Zwar gibt es sowohl in Russland als auch in der Welt und selbst in der Ukraine die Meinung, dass alles mit … Continue reading

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Alexandra Kuzhel: Stand up and keep getting off that train at Maidan Station.

By Alexandra Kuzhel  10.12.2014 Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine Very often I recall an episode from the time on Maidan. On one of the most anxious days, when mortal danger loomed over everyone who was on Maidan, someone set … Continue reading

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U.S. General Wesley Clark: Ukraine, Maidan and Putin (video).

By General Wesley K. Clark (Ret.), former Supreme Allied NATO Commander at the Atlantic Council 10.09.2014 Transcribed from video by Voices of Ukraine Retired General Wesley Clark, who served as NATO’s top officer, the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, during … Continue reading

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Vitaly Portnikov: Putin’s Night Watch, or the Fear of Maidan

By Vitaly Portnikov 10.07.2014 Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine Russian changes occur through conspiracy or rebellion – senseless and merciless. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed amendments to the federal law “On meetings, rallies, demonstrations, marches and pickets.” The … Continue reading

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