The current situation in Crimea, as explained by Iryna from Crimea…

Iryna from Crimea
March 10, 2014 Facebook status
Translated by Olya Krolya for Voices of Ukraine
Edited by Voices of Ukraine



I will try to explain the current situation in Crimea.

This is my personal opinion, and there are reeeeeally many of those who disagree.

Although at a first glance everything looks very calm…

Currently, the population of the peninsula is divided into two camps: there are those who, with wide opened eyes, shout “Russia-Russia,” as if they were zombified, and those (unfortunately, even though a lot, but they are still fewer) who very well understand what this euphoria will lead to.

Opinions have divided to the extent that relatives and loved ones within one family do not understand and do not hear each other, and this in turn means that we have one foot already entered into a civil war, brother against brother, and the last straw will start respectively – with the dishonest referendum in Crimea, initiated by the Kremlin.

Crimea will immediately have 30-40 percent of those who disagree, which will trigger the upsurge of resentment, and to suppress the protesters will be simple: the Russian army has been deployed, there are plenty of Cossacks and other scum thug-“enforcers” (kind of called “people’s self-defense”), vigilante neighborhood guards, Berkut, and other radicals – volunteers who joined the ranks of the Russian army, took an oath, and were already handed a weapon.

Crimea is definitely already infested with FSB and GRU staff, who organize these troops.

Next step: since the forces are unequal, a part of those who are dissatisfied will be forced to leave Crimea, and the rest will start an endless guerrilla war.

We already start experiencing the so-called Russian, underdeveloped democracy:

• Ukrainian TV channels are disabled and instead there are Russian deceitful TV shows and news reports.

• All Ukrainian military bases are blockaded by Russian soldiers, who don’t allow you to bring food, medicine, personal hygiene products to our soldiers, and if the relatives try to pass something to them, they are beaten by self-declared representatives of the self-declared authorities. They also turn off electricity and water supply to our military bases.

• The journalists are beaten and their equipment is taken away from them. Strategic facilities are being undermined.

And this us just the beginning…

Even a fool now understands that Crimea is not going to be a resort but one big Russian military base.

And, of course, the presence of nuclear weapons – that is the main goal of Russia, who spits on the population that believes in it, and hopes for it, as if it were manna from heaven.

Now, only an extraordinary miracle can save us from a civil war and occupation.

It is beyond doubt that this week, before March 16th, Ukraine will sign an Association Agreement with Europe and perhaps will join NATO, and then the capturing of Ukrainian territory will look like a completely different sauce, although Western politicians say that Vladimir Putin has lost his connection with reality and nothing is going to stop him.

These days, I tell all my acquaintances – change your mind, it is not too late yet. You can never expect any good from a country that has a whole Mendeleev’s table, enormous resources, but 90 per cent of the population lives in poverty, where the Foreign Minister is lying, the Defense Minister is lying, and the President of a great nuclear power lies. But perhaps everyone thinks I am out of my mind…

So that’s the kind of stuff going on in Crimea…

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