Photographer Marian Gavryliv (MARYAN HAVRYLIV) was released from court today (VIDEO w. English subtitles)

He was taking photos on Hrushevsky Street on the 22 of January when Berkut captured him and others.

Earlier this day the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vitaliy Zakharchenko stated that photographers provoked law enforcement officers.

Our previous article on Havryliv:

Friday, February 7, 2014, 19:56
Translated by Maria Stanislav


Photographer Maryan Havryliv was brought to the courtroom from the detention facility and released.

The photographer tells that before his arrest, he was brutally beaten and stripped by the Berkut [riot police] officers.

“They were beating me, the Berkut was ripping my clothes right off. When they saw a vyshyvanka [traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt] under my jacket, they tore it off and stomped it into the ground,” the photographer says.

Havryliv was released after the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine was picketed by activists, and Harvyliv’s attorney spoke to the Deputy General Prosecutor.

“I started getting calls from the Kyiv prosecutor’s office and other authorities. Some 50 minutes later after the piece on Hromadske TV, I got a call and was told to come to the courtroom,” attorney Olena Skazko comments.

As reported before, Maryan Havryliv is a photographer from Lviv, who was taking photographs of the clashes in Hrushevskoho Street, in Kyiv, on January 22. At that time, Berkut detained him along with other people.

According to Havryliv, the Berkut officers took him outside the city and beat him, and then sent him to the Obolonsky district police department.

On January 24, according to a court resolution, interim measures were imposed on Maryan Havryliv, in the form of 2 months’ detention.

An appeal hearing in Havryliv’s case was scheduled for February 5, in the Kyiv City Court of Appeal. The court moved the hearing to 11 am on February 14 because of being, allegedly, “unaware of the location of the suspect.”

According to Maryan’s brother, the photographer is accused of illegal possession of weapons. [At the time of arrest] Maryan Havryliv had a pneumatic gun and all necessary permits for it.


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