Interior Ministry: Maidan Self-defense units are criminal groups that kidnap, torture and rob

February 7, 2014 3:05 pm

Translated by Olia Knight

Maidan self-defense units formed by volunteers are nothing more than organized crime groups, the Interior Ministry of Ukraine said in its announcement, according to Censor.NET.

“There is currently a truce and negotiations between the government and the opposition, however it does not prevent criminal groups from committing new crimes under the pretense of their Radical Right ideology. Some citizens in downtown Kyiv voice their civil positions by engaging in a peaceful demonstration, however we must admit that alongside them are organized crime groups on the territory of Euromaidan. Their members, calling themselves “Euromaidan self-defense,” continue to arm themselves, buy ammunition and weapons, therefore becoming an illegal militarized formation. Besides, these citizens commit criminal acts – beatings and kidnappings, tortures, robberies, property damage, etc.,” an announcement on the Interior Ministry website enumerated.

The Ministry claimed that within the last two days, 11 individuals had been harmed in downtown Kyiv, which the Ministry connects with the activity of the self-defense units. “Nine people have been beaten, and four of them are currently hospitalized. Two of the victims have been robbed; Self-Defense people took their phones away,” said the police.

As a reminder, Andriy Parubiy, the national Self-Defense leader, announced that the Maidan National Self-Defense expands its organization to all the regions in Ukraine: within days, the self-defense unit commanders will arrive at regional capitals to create self-defense units and to coordinate their actions with the Headquarters of the National Resistance.

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