Palace mystery

by Vitaly Portnikov

10.01.204,  Grani.Ru

A few days before the beating of Ukrainian journalist Tetiana Chornovol, I met her in the House of Trade Unions on Kiev’s Independence Square. Tanya studied a huge map, which reminded me of some plan of the Vatican or Monaco – only bigger.

To my query, Tatiana said that no, it’s not a state, but a new residence for Viktor Yanukovych. But she very quickly requested ahead of time not to tell anyone anything, because she was preparing a publication about this new posh castle for the Ukrainian president, which, in scale and scope is to surpass his notorious Mezhihirya.

Now, when Tatiana talks about this residence, I can already say that I was afraid for her after I saw this plan and realized how much power there is in the Ukrainian bastards who want to curry favor with the “daddy” and at least delay – if not prevent – the publication. So when Tatiana calls her beating ‘attempted murder’, I understand her well. Because it was not just the attempted murder of a journalist. It was an attempt to destroy socially significant information.

Think for yourself. The President of a factually bankrupt, impoverished country whose budget today is filled with services that are exclusively Russian, at one of the most difficult moments for the Ukrainian economy, builds himself a new luxury dacha – and this despite the fact that Yanukovych’s first residence, Mezhyhirya, has long been a byword and the main topic of public claims not only to the president, but also to its environment as a whole. After the victory of Viktor Yanukovych in the presidential election, when the question of Mezhyhirya rose again and again, some of his supporters insisted that the president will soon leave the luxury of hearth and home and move anywhere to the center of the city, so as not to create hours of congestion on the roads of the capital [roads are cleared of traffic during his motorcade ride into the city].

But Yanukovich decided quite differently: for him they destroyed the park area in the center of Kiev to build a helipad – and Mezhyhirya really became the new Monaco, where, as is also well known, they also fly in helicopters. However, as we see, for the head of state that was not enough. Because Ukraine for him – is primarily territory for endless privatization, investments in real estate, hunting grounds. Ukraine for Yanukovych – it’s not even a state, it’s a place where he prospers, hunts, flies in helicopters. And all that is needed for happiness – is to find the resources for the further continuation of the banquet – and better that the expenditure of these resources cannot be verified by anyone, ever. It’s because of this that Russian money was much more interesting than European – in the end, the one who lent it to Yanukovych lives by the same rules and understands well: Mezhyhirya is only as important to Ukraine as Krasnaya Polyana [urban locality under the administration of the City of Sochi] is to Russia.

If we keep in mind this system of values​, it is clear that in the construction of a new estate in the days of economic collapse, Viktor Yanukovych himself sees nothing immoral in it: for properly, indeed, what problem should slaves have in regards to the amusements of their master? And certainly slaves have no right to judge, to dress for the manor houses and make their plans: that’s why each such plan is a sentence that allows its builders a bright future, to go beyond all boundaries of humanity and beat a defenseless woman with the fury of medieval guardsmen. But the border through which Ukrainian journalists must not cross is once again outlined: it is the border of the world in which Yanukovych lives.

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