# Maidan Diary: January 10. “Berkut” brought down and those indestructible Georgians.

Maidan-Chronicles, January 10:
“Berkut” brought down and those indestructible Georgians.
Dmytro Desyaterik, status update

I went with friends at night. Night, as you all know, is quite lively. We brought and gave out some food. This is a very good thing – to help feed people. It very much lifts one’s spirit.

We saw two “titushok” up close. Healthy men over 30, drunk, one in khaki pants, drunk, who walked up to us and started asking: and why is this blocked and what is this for, and what’s wrong with Yanukovych, with a growing aggression. It finished it quite naturally with the intervention of protection [the internal Maidan self-protection patrols].

Few people seemed to be out, but as soon as the event at the Sviatoshynskyi police department entered the hot phase, there was a sounding of alarm, and almost from out of nowhere the self-defense units came out, they were very well equipped – with helmets, shields, elbow and knee protection, and so on. They are such a well-trained group there.

Well, the victory (I think this is without doubt a victory) near the Sviatoshynskyi station you all already know. About the beating at the court house the whole world already knows – BBC is reporting it now on the news. My strongest impression became my acquaintance with a Georgian self-defense unit. There are 20 of them on the Maidan, they have been there from day one, and one of them told me, “If they attack us, then let them first lay us to rest” – and this guy is clearly not joking) They are serious types))

From such meetings one simply becomes warm.

Such are the day’s affairs.

And finally:

There are 463 days to the departure of Yanukovych.

We will win!

Photo by Alexei Beliusenko

Photo by Alexei Beliusenko

original, Dmytro Desyaterik, Facebook status update: https://www.facebook.com/EuroMaydanTranslations/posts/10152132802080801

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