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So, “who is financing Voices of Ukraine?”

 “Who is financing your translations in 8 languages?” “How much money does your organization spend per month?” Time and again we receive e-mails and comments asking who is financing our translation work. We are regularly being accused of spreading anti-Russian, … Continue reading

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We have spoiled the officials – Kill the volunteer in yourself!

By Dana Yarovaya, volunteer, Narodnyi Tyl volunteer organization to help the army 10.06.2014 Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine I will swear. Strongly. Speech: “Kill the volunteer in yourself” I remember when the first of the wounded started coming in… the … Continue reading

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Attacks of the Berkut, Ukrainian Riot Police, on the Red Cross Station and Medical Volunteers (VIDEO w. English subtitles)

13.02.2014 Viktor Ostafeychuk Translated by Viktor Ostafeychuk Edited by Maria Stanislav Source: http://state-violence-in-ukraine.blogspot.it/2014/02/militia-berkut-attacked-ed-cross.html Reports, eyewitness accounts, photographic and video evidence of the riot police violence against medical volunteers January 22 Oleh Musiy, Coordinator of Euromaidan Medical Service Team, interviewed by … Continue reading

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