We have spoiled the officials – Kill the volunteer in yourself!

By Dana Yarovaya, volunteer, Narodnyi Tyl volunteer organization to help the army
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

I will swear. Strongly.

Speech: “Kill the volunteer in yourself”

I remember when the first of the wounded started coming in… the heads of hospitals and all of the MoD [Ministry of Defense] were shouting in unison that they do not need anything, that they are well-supplied and will do everything themselves. Do you know, I remember how the central hospital took in 5 air ambulances in 24 hours, and how the head of the traumatological unit did not come out of the operating theatre for 2 days. I remember how I called all the other hospitals and asked the doctors to help this one, all the teams were ready, and the head of the department with the operating theatre told me: Dana, we don’t need help, we will manage… I remember the doctors were staring down into the floor while asking for some basic things… how they seemed shy in accepting them, and later on they were profusely thanking me… I remember the eyes of the doctors who were glowing with joy that they had been brought some apparatus without which they operated anyway, but with which they would now operate a lot better… I remember how happy the public officials were in the MoD, happy for any help… how loudly they clapped their hands… I still saw those times, my dear volunteers, who joined later…

But over time, the requests became more weighty, the lists of medical supplies first became longer, then came the lists of equipment, first not very expensive, and then more and more so. Then a well-established pattern emerged, the MoD without considering where to get something simply threw down lists of items, and equipment which was brought into hospital for hundreds of thousands was taken as a matter of course…

Then there were requests from the Pharma service to deliver medicines to the front lines, and the indignation: what do you mean you do not have a portable fridge, you are some shitty workers… Today the apogee was reached: a parcel arrived with accessories for the dispensaries, and I heard: Dana, these are your problems, THIS IS NOT A PART OF OUR PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBLITY! So, calling to ask for medicaments, for equipment, for medkits, for anything at all, that is normal, but helping your own guys to survive at the front: IS NOT A PART OF YOUR PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY! Excuse me, this is bulls**t I don’t even want to talk about how 2 official persons could not exchange some pieces of paper for 2 weeks, and I had to screw my brain and waste a whole day to delve into the situation only to realise that they just had to call each other… IMAGINE, JUST CALL EACH OTHER!

I am absolutely seriously declaring: ladies and gentlemen of the volunteer movement, we have spoiled the officials, who for 23 years did nothing except to steal and peddle-off stuff, and now the war has come… and they are effing tired… kill the volunteer in yourself… only that I feel for our boys… OK I’M DONE… commence the tomato throwing…

You know what, in the next post I’ll start naming these HEROES complete with telephone numbers, ring them all you like!

Source: Dana Yarovaya FB

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