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Memories of Maidan: Among the Titushky on Thursday, February 20, 2014 (photos/videos)

By Jonathan Barrow, Brit on the Barricades 06.01.2014 Kyiv Special Feature–Edited by Voices of Ukraine 1. Among the Titushky: The word titushky is often translated into English as ‘rent-a-thug’ or similar. The main titushky camp in Kyiv was in Mariinsky … Continue reading

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In Kharkiv, titushkas and Berkut dispersed a group of activists who were trying to prevent the National Guard from leaving for Kyiv

In Kharkiv, a group of titushkas [armed hired thugs] and Berkut dispersed a group of activists who were attempting to prevent the national guard troops from leaving for Kyiv.  According to Interfax – Ukraine, members of the “Ultras” fan club … Continue reading

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VOICES OF THE REVOLUTION: “The change will come. It’s impossible to turn it back.”

Dmytro Snegiryov February 3, 2014  Status update Translated by Olia Knight Source:https://www.facebook.com/pravasprava/posts/661723743884744 Today, after the conclusion of the Maidan rally in Lugansk, my friend and I decided to grab a cup of coffee and talk in a peaceful place about … Continue reading

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“EXTREMISTS” vs POLICE MILITIAS on the streets of Ukraine

Unarmed, peaceful protestors, now dubbed “extremists” by an Orwellian twist of the government in power’s tongue, find themselves battling armed thugs (titushky) hired by their local police departments, with taxpayers’ money, to assault them. Until January 22, the main protest … Continue reading

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