“EXTREMISTS” vs POLICE MILITIAS on the streets of Ukraine

Unarmed, peaceful protestors, now dubbed “extremists” by an Orwellian twist of the government in power’s tongue, find themselves battling armed thugs (titushky) hired by their local police departments, with taxpayers’ money, to assault them.

Until January 22, the main protest actions took place in Kiev. Since the 23rd in many other regions there have been mass rallies for the resignation of President Viktor Yanukovych and local authorities. Outraged by the events Hrushevskoho Street in Kiev, people knocked down doors and broke windows, forcing governors and their deputies to write their resignations from office, and demanded that the security forces side with the people. In response, police detained dozens of activists and opened criminal cases – in Lviv, Rivne, Cherkassy, ​​Ternopol, Poltava, Vinnitsa. Chronicle Maidana in the regions – a review LigaBusinessInform .


17:32. At the initiative of the local authorities in the streets of Lugansk appeared militias to protect the city from extremist movements. In particular, employees’ Luganskuglya “intend to carry on patrol for several days, groups of 3-4 people. Their distinctive sign – blue ribbon on the sleeve. bd5467eb1f6d06c5f200b01148854ccd

17.00. Transcarpathian region prosecutor’s office appealed to the court with a lawsuit to unlawful actions of the Transcarpathian Regional Council, which voted for the creation of Verkhovna Rada (People’s Council).

15:50. Odessa. At the entrance to the RSA overlap concrete blocks for a possible assault.

2ba2953fa02689d1c2da3835bbbcca0cPhoto – Dumskaya.net

15:28. Irpenskaya In City Council (Kyiv region) announced the creation of the People’s Council. The prosecutor’s office of the Kiev region refutes this information.

15:00. Kherson Regional State Administration on the windows installed metal grilles, yesterday around the building regional administration appeared with metal shields.

14:05. Rally for nearly five days held in the Lviv Regional Administration building and did not let its employees in to work, until the end of the day asked to leave the building. With such a letter to the representatives of the people’s self-addressed Lviv regional council chairman Peter deck.

13:42. Dnipropetrovsk authorities, after Sunday’s storm of the RSA regional administration, stepped up security – the  strung barbed wire around the building.

2d086f6a0a8fd4924fed7fde22b1f1c9Photography – dp.vgorode.ua

13:22. At a peaceful protest in Simferopol gathered about 600 Crimean Tatars.

13:15. All 47 detained after mass rallies near Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration on Jan. 26 announced suspected of committing a criminal offense.

13:01. In Khmelnytsky, activists barricaded entrances and exits of RSA:

a43894c5c2c91e7ab54b521be3191ed9(Photo – moyagazeta.com)

12:40. Simferopol over a thousand people gathered for a pro-government rally. Demonstrators opposed to the events on Independence Square, advocated the Customs Union and rapprochement with Russia.

12:26. Before entering the building of Kyiv and Cherkasy Regional State Administration began to flood rinks, to complicate access to the building. This was pointed out by lawmaker Mykola Tomenko and noted that in front of the Kyiv Regional State Administration ice covered even the steps on which people are injured.

12:08. MPs Party of Regions faction in Kamenetz-Podolsk city council Khmelnitsky region announced its dissolution – written comments .

11:57. In Kharkov branch of the Russian biker club, “Night Wolves” declared readiness to protect the city in case adminzdaniya attempts to capture:

27.01.2014 Ukraine Revolution
Tonight in many cities in eastern Ukraine police in plain clothes are brutally attacking with bats and guns peaceful protesters and journalists. Thousands of activists have been beaten, killed and taken hostage. On the first video in Dnepropetrovsk closed like protestors with yellow-blue armbands bastards CIA – FSB were instructed in regional administration building before they going out with closed as police CIA – FSB bastards to beating peaceful protestors

In this video, Titushki are instructed to obtain equipment in a large hall of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration:

Read details and see videos (source) :

27.01.2014 Kiev
Activists occupied the building of the Justice Ministry. Already on the 24.01 the building of the Agrarian Policy Ministry was occupied:  http://youtu.be/CdqebWP1S8U

Information submitted by Mihail Brailovskiy 

see also our previous post: https://maidantranslations.wordpress.com/2014/01/28/dnipropetrovsk-and-zaporizhia-police-sent-titushky-out-to-beat-unarmed-civilians/

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