Wings Phoenix: It’s not good to destroy trust towards every living thing in the state administration and MoD

By Wings Phoenix, (Iurii Biriukov), army volunteer and Assistant Minister to the Minister of Defense
Translated by Wings Phoenix Eng and edited by Voices of Ukraine, used with permission

I am really sick of fakes! No – I am EXTREMELY sick of fakes! What can be done about them? How do you fight this?

Let’s take the topic of uniforms from Canada. Someone read somewhere [there were] about 30,000 sets, then yesterday I read a report [that it was] about 3,000 – and all hell broke loose! Here are the items that were transferred:

• pants – 3,449 units

• coats – 2,400 units

• winter gloves – 2,131 units

• demi-season gloves – 3,283 units

• boots – 2,928 units

The documents from the Canadian Embassy are lying right here. And yes, there is another cargo – 10 times bigger than the one that arrived. For the moment it is in Ottawa. Then there was another fake – that there were 70 soldiers that were brought to the airport but that the uniform was not given to them and that they were sent away with nothing. And no-one thought to check, no-one had a thought – maybe they were sent to unload the cargo? And maybe no-one was sent at all? No, we are now yelling to the entire world.

And now some creature named Dmitry Mendeleev came out with this… Apparently, Ukroboronprom buys useless junk for the MoD [Ministry of Defense], earns millions on it, and the MoD and the National Guard don’t even ask for this equipment and try to get rid of it by any means. My oh my! And the armour is bad there, only holds against 7.62 [mm bullets] (and how else is it supposed to be in an APC?). And the agreement was signed two weeks before receiving a reply from the supplier (even though the agreement was signed only in the middle of November). I won’t even mention about the millions. Now this happy creature is sitting there warm and cozy, and the whole of Facebook is hysterical – help, we are being betrayed! And no-one is thinking about the fact that in our country the profitability of the deals of state enterprises is strictly regulated (do you know how much is allowed? No?)

Journalists! I am also like mass media a bit. I am not asking you to cheat and to present everything in rosy colors. I am not saying that everything is good in the MoD, no, it’s just the opposite. But let’s not twist the truth at least! It’s not good to destroy trust towards every living thing on Bankova St./Hrushevskyi St./Vozdukhoflotsky Ave. [the locations of the state administration and MoD] – it won’t lead to anywhere good. It’s hard there even without all this.

In the [Donetsk] airport today it is also… very hard…

Source, translation: Wings Pheonix Eng
Original source: Iurii Biryukov (Wings Phoenix) FB


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