NATO Secretary General: We have set up 5 trust funds for Ukraine

By NATO‬ Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg 

As earlier, we continue to remain committed to assisting Ukraine‬ to speed up the reforms. And we are increasing our support so that Ukraine can better provide for its own security.

At the Wales Summit, we agreed to set up four trust funds for Ukraine. Today, these four trust funds are up and running. They concern different areas. Logistics. Command, control, computers and communications. Cyberdefence. And retraining former soldiers. We have also recently set up a fifth trust fund to help rehabilitate wounded soldiers. These trust funds are a concrete signal of NATO’s support. They will help make Ukraine’s defense‬ forces more modern, more transparent, and more effective. And they will help some of those affected by the conflict.

Today, we reaffirmed that a sovereign and stable Ukraine, firmly committed to democracy and the rule of law, is key to Euro-Atlantic security. We stand united in our support for Ukraine as it works for a future of peace and prosperity.

Source: US Embassy Kyiv Ukraine FB

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