64 people have already starved to death in Luhansk region

By Alex Noit, Kyiv, Ukraine
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

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According to the press service of the Party of Pensioners of Ukraine, 64 people starved to death in Chervonopartyzansk, Luhansk region.

This information was released at a public gathering in the city, informs the press service of the Party [of Pensioners].

There is information that all of the deceased were retired. The oldest individual was 95 years old. Three of the deceased were bedridden invalids.

According to the pensioners, there are unwritten orders by terrorist city authorities to keep “hunger” out of the death certificates.

“They write a heart attack, heart failure – anything but hunger,” note the Party of Pensioners.

About 2,000 people attended today’s (November 17th) executive committee meeting near Sverdlovsk (Luhansk region). The participants demanded that the insurgents leave the city.

As reported by witnesses, the meeting rapidly escalated into clashes between local “militia” and Russian “Cossacks.”

Protesters poured blue and yellow paint on the gates of the military recruitment office, where a militia commandant’s station is located, and stoned the windows of the downtown Recreation Center, also seized by insurgents.

They demanded, “Get the hell out of the city! Get lost!”

During a rally near the executive committee building the inscription appeared, “Sverdlovsk – is Ukraine!”

The Russian “Cossacks” tried to intervene. But they were stopped by the Sverdlovsk “militias” who suddenly crossed over to the side of the townspeople.

Activists plan to gather outside the executive committee building each day.

Currently, insurgents are carrying out searches at the homes of activists.

It was earlier reported that a rally began on in the first half of November 17th in Sverdlovsk. The city residents gathered to express their dissatisfaction with the politics of the insurgents.

On November 16, a women’s rally took place in Chervonopartyzansk, which is part of the Sverdlovsk City Council. The female city residents expressed their dissatisfaction with the politics of the “new authorities.”

Today it transpired that 64 people starved to death in Chervonopartyzansk. All the deceased were retirees [“pensioners”].

Refugee from Luhansk weaving camouflage nets for the Ukrainian army. Photo: Nashkiev.ua

Refugee from Luhansk comes daily to weave Ghillie camouflage suits for the Ukrainian army. Photo: Nashkiev.ua

Source: Alex Noit FB

News source: Informator.lg.ua

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