Petr&Mazepa now have PayPal for your 28th Brigade (Mykolayiv steppe) donations!

By Petr&Mazepa
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Our dear readers have asked for PayPal, so that they have somewhere where they can wire money for the 28th SGMB [28th Separate Guards of the Mechanized Brigade]. Well…

We have sort of done it, but it is all dumb there. And there are difficulties at every goddamned step. And it can close just like that on the first complaint at any second.

Therefore, so that your money is not lost, let’s do it this way:

Anyone wishing to wire money through PayPal, drop us a private message in the group (not a comment, but an actual private message). In it can you please say how much you are going to transfer (we do not want a wild sum of money to suddenly appear which we couldn’t then retrieve), and we will tell you the PayPal address, or will tell you that, thank you, but let’s wait because we’ve collected enough and now we will be testing the withdrawal.

It is slightly retarded, but for now let’s only do it like this. PayPal is wildly difficult and unfriendly towards the idea of financing the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Sorry.

Source: Petr&Mazepa FB

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The armor is strong. Part 2: Report from the field.

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