Help for Luhansk!!!

By Olexander Chestyakov, volunteer
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Dear friends!

Because of the Russian occupation, now, in the Sverdlovsk district of Luhansk region a terrible situation is arising. The banking system is not working, any cash is exclusively in terrorist hands and, of course, they do not share their money with ordinary people. People, especially retirees and invalids, are starting to die of starvation for real. Officially, we know about the death of 64 people from starvation in the Sverdlovsk region, but in fact there are really many more.

Our patriots who are still there have organized a small network of mutual support, which, to the extent possible, helps people to survive. While there is still some situational coherence between these groups and those in the unoccupied territories, we can still send them help.

Help needed: money – food and warm clothes are bought in Kharkiv, then transferred to our patriotic groups. Whosoever has the ability and desire to help in this work can use the following credentials:

Bank transfer via SWIFT (dollar account):
Account: 29245270002773
Bank of beneficiary: NADRA Bank, KRU Kyiv branch, UA
Swift code: NADRAUAIX
Intermediary bank: jp morgan chase bank
Swift code: chasus33

Also you could use Bitcoin wallet  1H34HwzvcvZN7ZTEJT1wrdBQv3VA4pQs6

Facebook source here.

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2 Responses to Help for Luhansk!!!

  1. w8post says:

    Didn’t those people vote for the ‘Republics’ of Donetsk and Luhansk ? Aren’t that the same people spitting on Ukrainian soldiers when paraded for them? WHY do they (the ‘natives’ of those fake republics) expect help from people (Ukrainians and even foreigners) they disgust and hate so much? Because it’s convenient now they are without food/money/water/gas ? I do understand that there are people who had no choice, like the handicapped and sick people; but the ‘pensioners’ who were screaming loud for the ‘good, old, CCCP times’ to come back, now are moaning that they are without money. THEY ASKED FOR IT!!! (I rather help to come the ‘Cyborgs’ through the winter!)

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