Wings Phoenix: The ‘Cyborgs’ from Donetsk airport send you their warmest greetings!

By Wings Phoenix (Iurii Biriukov), army volunteer, Assistant Minister to Col. Gen. Valeriy Heletey, recently appointed Minister of Defense
Translated by Wings Phoenix Eng and edited by Voices of Ukraine, used with permissions

Good morning Ukraine! The ‘Cyborgs’ [Editor: enemy’s nickname for the Ukrainian soldiers defending the airport] from Donetsk airport send you their warmest greetings! What, the ‘separs’ [Ukrainian nickname for the separatists] took the airport? The terminal building has folded and collapsed? There are only 10 of our protectors left defending the airport? Yeeeah, right…..

No, well, we have to confess, redecorating isn’t going to help the terminal building, although a fundamental renovation is unlikely to help either…. Nonetheless, we have been holding it, we are holding it, and we will continue holding it.

They are asking for little Kyiv cakes (a local brand of sweets)… well then, we will look for them.

Would you like to help?
79th Airborne Brigade of Nikolaev
4149 4950 0700 7806 Iurii Biriukov (Юрий Бирюков)

IMPORTANT! All payment cards starting with 4149* can be re-filled only through Privat24, PrivatBank terminals and cash desks of PrivatBank in Ukraine!
If you wish to do a money transfer through the client-bank system of another bank or through an ATM of another bank, please use ONLY:
5168 7572 3217 4575 Iurii Biriukov (Юрий Бирюков)

Payment details for PayPal money transfer
(Temporary blocked) – please check back
Progress Reports:
Consolidated financial report:
Consolidated report with photos: (RU)
Other ways to help
You can find all our projects and payment requisites in the post below
What else can help?
Repost this information, invite your friends to signup, re-print in other social networks and online resources

Source, translation: Wings Phoenix Eng
Original source in Russian: Wings Phoenix

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