Dmitry Tymchuk’s Military Blog: Summary – September 2, 2014

Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Brothers and sisters!

information_resistance_logo_engHere’s the Summary for September 2, 2014 (for previous summary, please see Summary for September 1, 2014).

The bad news:

1. Our troops have left a number of settlements. We retreat. But I would not focus on the fact that the retreat is a loss. Much more important in this given situation is something else. If our command is really only withdrawing troops in order to prevent their falling into the boilers of being encircled and to regroup (and this is the official version) – it is not a tragedy, but the right solution, without which a further advance is not possible.

But is this [really] so, and does the command have adequate plans for further action – we will find out in the next few days. My personal opinion: is that there is, unfortunately, very little cause for optimism.

2. Just yesterday I was talking about the fact that Putin does not need Donbas as part of Ukraine (although at the talks in Minsk, the terrorists were crawling under the banner of some kind of “autonomy” for the DNR and LNR [Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics] within our country), and this, alas, unfortunately came true.

The Donetsk and Luhansk Kremlin’s puppets hastily forgot about their yesterday’s theses and are already in full cry that they don’t want to be part of Ukraine. This girlish inconsistency of the terrorists’ can be easily explained: it looks like they received new orders from Moscow, which has decided to continue masking its true plans. Thus, it is understood that Donbas in the form of an autonomy is not suitable to become a bridgehead for the further capture of the southern and eastern oblasts of Ukraine. For this, the Kremlin needs another Transnistria totally under its control.

It is another reason to believe that it is only possible to sit down at the negotiations table with the terrorists and Russians only by having made peace with Moscow’s occupation of Ukraine. The only benefit of these negotiations can only be in prisoner exchange.

The good news:

1. It is becoming clear to our troops that the Russian troops are incomparably better prepared for battle than terrorist groups, but it is possible (and necessary) to fight them. If we do – to my deep regret – retreat and accept the loss, it does not at all mean that the enemy is invincible. For each step across Ukrainian soil – the occupants pay with their blood.

The Russian military hospital in Rostov no longer accepts the wounded – it is completely packed to capacity (taking into account that they have not been working with “vata” for a long time, but only regular Russian soldiers). The Russians are taking their wounded to Petersburg, but even there “there are no beds left.” Every time the aggressors have their arms and legs ripped off is yet another step to the enlightenment of the idiotic Russian society.

We are also receiving data that the Russian command sets the task to local authorities on the occupied territories of Donbas to allocate land for the burial of destroyed Russian soldiers. Putin is afraid to drive all the corpses back to Russia, there are too many of them – and the resonance with the “preemptively retired” Russian soldiers is escalating in Russia. Well, it’s a fate well worthy of an occupant: to be buried in an unmarked grave like a dog, and in a foreign land even.

Mr. Putin, please take your cannon fodder back. They shouldn’t pollute our land.

2. Russian occupants and terrorists tried to break through to Mariupol from Novoazovsk, however this attempt was repelled by border servicemen and the Azov Battalion.

For the fact that the attack was repelled – honor and praise for our guys. But there is no doubt that it was a battle for reconnaissance purposes and training for a serious advance (we have already reported that a simultaneous naval, or combined aerial-naval operation are possible). I hope we are really prepared for such enemy action.

3. The Kremlin for the second consecutive day [is sending out] heart-rending wails that Putin and his statement to the head of the EU Commission about “taking Kyiv within two weeks” were misunderstood. They say, cunning Barroso snatched the phrase out of context. They threaten to publish the audio recording of the conversation, but they don’t do it (just like in the movies: what a cunning person – offers a bribe but does not give it).

I personally have no doubt that Putin, drunk with impunity and invincibility, could blurt out such a thing. It’s in his spirit. But the Kremlin’s frantic attempts to justify it suggests that he still has some decency left. However we all know that the best way to make Russia stop in its advance is to give it a convincing kick in the teeth.

A Russian terrorist walks at the Novoazovsk border crossing point, in eastern Ukraine. Photograph: Sergei Grits/AP

A Russian terrorist walks to the Novoazovsk border crossing point, in eastern Ukraine. Photograph: Sergei Grits/AP

Source: Dmitry Tymchuk FB
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4 Responses to Dmitry Tymchuk’s Military Blog: Summary – September 2, 2014

  1. Che Zorba says:

    A kick in the teeth then.

    There’s two russian battalions of infantry and some 20-25 tanks moving on Volnovakha. Get as many tanks, SPGs and IFVs as you can master and destroy that force. That would be a kick in the teeth (and the a** as well).

  2. Tom says:

    And NEVER accept Donetsk and Lugansk as selfruling under Ukraine. Then Ukraine will become a puppet country, with this two oblasts making VETO against all kind of development in Ukraine.

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