Ukrainian military received humanitarian aid from Lithuania

By Press Service of Defense Ministry, Ukraine
02.09.2014 | 16:57
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Today, September 2, up to six tons of humanitarian aid arrived in Kyiv from Lithuania, for Ukrainian soldiers who are taking part in anti-terrorist operations.

The Military Attaché of the Embassy of Lithuania in Ukraine, Mindaugas Kviklis, said that the first part of the cargo is transferred from the Lithuanian State and Defense departments. These include 4,600 dry rations, medical equipment and medical supplies. These are – surgical gowns, sets of medical splints, medicines and medical equipment, laryngoscopes, gauze bandages and absorbent material, medical instruments, etc..

Collecting the second part of the aid was done by​ Lithuanian citizens who are willing to lend a friendly shoulder to Ukrainians. The purchase of shoes and uniforms was taken care of exclusively by philanthropists.

Together with the military pilots who delivered the goods, one of the volunteers also arrived in Ukraine. Jonas Ohman said that now Lithuania is forming voluntary movements and organizations that are ready to provide all possible assistance to servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

– We have created a volunteer system in different cities, where people collect things and transfer funds for charitable accounts. All things come to our central warehouse. Today, unfortunately, the Lithuanian benefactors managed to bring only shoes, lift-load harnesses and relief chest riggs. However, we already have helmets and body armor that are required by your soldiers. All this must be transferred to the Ukrainian troops soon, – said Jonas Ohman.

He also said that now in Lithuania there are already nearly 300 volunteers and thousands of activists who help Ukraine somehow or are willing to help. In addition, according to the volunteer, now in many European countries they have also created similar charitable volunteer organizations.


Lithuanian military plane carries 5 tons of aid to Ukraine, DELFI, Lithuania Tribune

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  1. Natalie Ogiyenko says:

    Great news!

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