Semyon Semyonchenko: Surrounded volunteer battalions a result of military command betrayal and incompetence

By Semyon Semyonchenko, Donbas Battalion Commander
All posts below translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

A tragedy occurred. I have grounds to believe that the encirclement of the volunteer battalions is the result of betrayal and incompetence in the system of military command.

Fact 1–the convoy stood for over an hour in place and only after the mortar attack did it start moving forward.

Fact 2–during negotiations, the paratroopers announced to our soldiers that on the face of it, they would have long been re-stationed if it weren’t for us. They were waiting for us for the entire day at the place where the convoy was supposed to pass through.

Fact 3–I and Yuri Butusov beat the alarm about this situation for more than ten days, demanded reinforcements, held pickets at the AP [Presidential Administration] and the General Staff. Zero results.

There are other facts of betrayal and gross incompetence which we will deal with later. First, commanders and counterintelligence must restore the events minute-by-minute including the results of wiretapping phones. I don’t know names yet. But we will find out.

Now I need to get the guys out and bury our dead, and help the families left without breadwinners. The question is whether it is possible to believe the Raschists? Of course not. At what expense have [we] agreed? I don’t know, but neither I nor you will give up [even] an inch of [our] native land. What is going on with the ultimatum about 6 in the morning? According to the President, he was able to cancel it. What will happen if they deceive [us]? I do not want to think about it now, I just want to believe. Now the main point: I made the decision to be with my men. Technically, it’s [relatively] easy to transport me even with an IV [attached]. If at six in the morning they will shoot them [Ukrainian servicemen], then let them shoot me, too. If they come out [from the encirclement], then I will be with them.

Phone relatives – 0997851445. The lists are being compiled now. As for Donbas, the majority [of us] are ok 🙂 . You can call right now. The nurses here are sympathetic. 🙂

Everything will be fine.

Source: Semyon Semyonchenko FB


By Semyon Semyonchenko, Donbas Battalion Commander
08.30.2014 10:30am

I arrived at the point [of action]. The situation is as follows: there are three encirclements. Novokaterynivka, Starobesheve and Chervonosilske [all in Donetsk Oblast]. In the last village, there are the remnants from Donbas [Battalion] and from the units that did not surrender. We’re cheering the boys on by phone. We’ve only managed to begin compiling the lists just now, all night [long] there was no connection. Where the group commander and all battalion commanders are, is still unknown.

There is a problem, which we hope to quickly resolve. The military unit, which surrounded the guys under Chervonosilske, knows nothing about the arrangement and gave [them] two more hours to surrender. Hopefully, it’s just the slow gears of military bureaucracy. I informed the President and the National Guard commander. We were forced to contact the Russian airborne reconnaissance company with a view to delay the ultimatum deadline, so that the team could have time to pass through. I’ll keep you updated. I will write the new telephone numbers for relatives to contact.

Call-Center of Donbas Battalion:

(050) 641 21 35, (050) 766 07 21, МТС
(099) 484 46 79, (099) 103 08 54, МТС
(098) 066 56 33, (068) 722 18 71, КyivStar
(093) 600 56 14, (093) 600 56 29. Life

Source: Semyon Semyonchenko FB 


By Semyon Semyonchenko, Donbas Battalion Commander
08.30.2014 12:30

For the time being the situation has been worked out. They are trying to force the guys into surrender, but they are not giving in. On one side is a Tank Division, on the other, the Airborne Regiment. Although they are the enemy, they are professional soldiers, it is better than the DNR [Donetsk People’s Republic]. [They] gave medical assistance to the wounded. Within an hour, everything should be settled. Some scumbags tried to shoot down the column along the way. They’ve passed through. [Now], we’re waiting.

P.S.: They’re asking why I write with so much detail. The situation is strange and complicated. Maximum detail and publicity are imperative [under the circumstances]. Especially [for the future], to be able to restore the chronology of events when needed.

Source: Semyon Semyonchenko FB


By Semyon Semyonchenko, Donbas Battalion Commander
08.30.2014 – 19:00

Over the phone from Semyon Semyonchenko:

Information for relatives of Donbas Battalion, Dnipro, Svitiaz, and Kherson Battalions, the 93rd and the 17th Brigade and other units surrounded in Ilovaisk.

The Ministry of Defense is responsible for the administration of the humanitarian aid convoy for taking out the wounded soldiers who were surrounded. According to the agreement reached by the President of Ukraine to provide a corridor for retrieval, a time was determined from 6:00 to 10:00am. By 17:00, no vehicle had come for humanitarian aid to the wounded who are surrounded in the village of Chervonosilske. Russian troops are not letting vehicles other than this convoy through. An explanation for the 11-hour lack of a convoy is not given.

As at 16:00, the insurgent positions in Chervonosilske started firing mortars and sniper weapons, thereby forcing the [Ukrainian] fighters to surrender. Thereafter, the representatives of the Ministry of Defense declared that the incident with the Russian side was settled and the humanitarian convoy will reach the fighters who are surrounded.

At the moment, we are at the collection point of the fighters who are coming out of the encirclement. Since the morning, several small groups left that provide food and medical care. We will continue to wait for the convoy and servicemen to come out, there is no connection with the battalion and group commanders, as well as the majority of the servicemen.

I will relay more detailed information once it’s received.

Source: Semyon Semyonchenko FB

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4 Responses to Semyon Semyonchenko: Surrounded volunteer battalions a result of military command betrayal and incompetence

  1. Marcela says:

    God these f-ing EU leaders, all should resign and demisin and get to first line to well observe what is happening in 9months time. When they have still NO IDEA who is murdering Ukraine people and who make all the prohibited artrocities. Cowards old komunist pigs not only in Ukraine heating up just chairs in corruptioned Ministry of defence etc. but in entire EU. 28countries no signl one of them not even toghether can help 1 suverene country 50 million people and these bad cowards sell warships to Russia instead of some human help. This is all what EU can in 2014. With all the spies and technic of modern world. Betray alies. Kick them to ar… You unhuman pigs..

  2. Wernyhor Danielle says:

    I am crying for Ukraine; and if i don’t believe in God, if it may help you i will pray

  3. Freedom_for_all says:

    As many of the people here may remember, about 70 years ago, a masterpiece of the Hollywood movie industry (and the American novelist, Ernest Hemingway) came out featuring Gary Cooper and Ingrid Bergman which was set in the turbulent times during the Spanish Civil War.
    That movie, “For Whom The Bell Tolls”, starts with a famous quote which concluded “It tolls for thee.”

    The latest reports concerning the Volunteer Battalions out of the combat zone in the notorious Ilovaisk are all very sad. The late American (Ukrainian American in fact) volunteer known as Franco (Franko) fell as well. Still, the EU has many infightings within the collective international consortium. It still hesitates to announce the single word (solidarity) in order to discourage the rampaging Kremlin from further atrocity against Ukraine.
    Some of the EU leaders are even trying to continue appeasing the Kremlin at the present moment, too, all after such hideous atrocities caused by the same Kremlin inside Ukraine.

    The UN Secretary General has been insisting on a so-called “political solution” the way the notorious liar from the Russian Foreign Ministry, Lavrov, keeps on insisting that the Ukraine war can not be solved in any way but a “political solution” reportedly. Still, because FM Lavrov is a well known liar, his remarks make us suspect that a military solution is the only possible and realistic solution in the Ukraine war in fact.
    Also, reportedly, many Russian conscripts were forced to invade Ukraine and already perished. Still, again, the EU hesitates to voice a “concern” (a word the EU publishes too often today) over such a human rights abuse against the ignorant Russian conscripts by the Kremlin.

    Sadly, today, 70 years after the Hollywood masterpiece, almost all of the leaders of the EU and the US fail to fit the “Roberto” character the legendary actor, Gary Cooper, played.
    Hopefully, the UK and the US (as well as France) will finally decide what to do for the security of Ukraine and fulfil their legal obligations soon. They signed the forgotten “Budapest Memorandum” two decades ago.
    If the signatory countries of the Memo want to see the document null and void today, the UK, the US and France need to “return” the nuclear weaponry to Ukraine without delay. Maybe, they can supply new nuclear weapons of their own to Ukraine now, if they want to do so.

    All the same, the UK and the US need to fulfil their legal obligation now.
    The mentally unstable guy from the Kremlin, the Russian President Putin, recently rattled the Russian nuclear sword, reportedly, saying something like “do not come after a nuclear arms state”, etc, although he was very misguided. Similar threats already took place during the notorious Korean War. During the Vietnam War, Vietnam always felt a similar threat as well. However, no nuclear attack was carried out against these underdeveloped Asian countries by the US or the UN force.

    Will the mentally unstable Russian President Putin finally commit such an ultimate war crime?… Only God knows. Still, as we read in history, nuclear attacks occurred only twice in 1945 in Japan but never did again. Maybe, Putin is finally bluffing which is a sign of the weakness within the Russian side?
    In 1945, Japan was a notorious aggressor. The Japanese military invasion into China had been going on from time to time since as early as 1926. The Japanese side was already deploying chemical weapons and biological weapons in China, as well, by the way, while today’s Ukraine is not waging such a illegal war against the Russian Federation.
    Hopefully, the Kremlin will not try to provoke itself by staging a so-called False Flag Attack against themselves using chemical, biological and/or radiological weapons.

    So, a nuclear attack is not an “option” for the obvious aggressor, the Russian Federation, unfortunately. If the mentally unstable President Putin ever commits such a crime, he will see no “peace” or “political”, “diplomatic” negotiation any more in Ukraine.
    Even the Japanese people, including their political leaders, still hold a certain degree of resentment (or grudge, like the “Juon” movie) against the Americans because of the nuclear attacks of 1945 (only twice). The resentment still casts a dark shadow over the international relation between Japan and the US even though nearly 70 years have passed since the first and only nuclear attacks in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    This is while the Japanese culture is not a very vengeful culture. Then, what will follow if the mentally unstable Russian President ever commits a horrible war crime, an aggressive nuclear attack, against Ukraine? No one knows.
    But, certainly, there will be no more a “political” or “peace” negotiation. Maybe, a Ukrainian partisan war will follow such Russian nuclear attacks. Until the entire population of the Russian Federation are thrown at Ukraine and perish inside Ukraine for about, say, one century?
    Good or bad, the pathological liars like Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov will not survive to see the outcome of their favourite “nuclear option”.

    It is very sad that the Russian aggressors (reportedly Putin, Defense Minister Shoigu, and so on), who have NO knowledge or experience of a real nuclear warfare, are talking about a nuclear attack against Ukraine like a bunch of idiots today. Only the Americans and the Japanese have such a traumatising experience, unfortunately. My humble advice to the poor Kremlin leaders is: learn, stop drinking, don’t be lazy. Perhaps, the best educational materials for them are already being published in the EuroMaidan websites.

    By the way, did you know that the pathetic diplomatic mediator, Chancellor Angela Merkel, who sought “political solution” of the ongoing war in Kyiv while she visited Ukraine in late August, was also a communist leader in the former E-Germany (DDR or GDR)?
    Whatever she may have promised the Ukrainian President then, she utterly failed to deliver what she promised because the Russian side started an outright invasion into Ukraine with battalions of regular troops soon after her mediation.
    It was as if Merkel was acting as a “double agent” in Kyiv in August.

    As many people know already, the Brookings Institution President, Strobe Talbott, of the US uploaded for the world an old photo which apparently showed young Merkel on August 31.
    He tweeted, “Photo said to be of Merkel as GDR Komsomol leader during a military drill in summer of ’72.”.

    With questionable and ridiculous “friends” like these, who needs an enemy or an aggressor from Moscow?

    Hopefully, the German Chancellor will finally drop her idiotic worship of the Soviet culture and the Stalinism, which she shares with the Russian President et al even today. The German Chancellor should start behaving normally as a citizen of the Western Europe, not of the E-Germany or the Russian Empire any more.
    In the first place, there was nothing in the project called the Soviet system. The Soviet system was built on the Holodomor policy, a mass LOOTING and mass murder, by Stalin in the 1930’s. Therefore, it was destined to fall soon although it managed to sustain for about 3 generations until the official disintegration of the USSR two decades ago. The Soviet system was never meant to exist in the first place, Merkel.

    On the other hand, the Chinese communists avoided such looting policy and, today, they are the second largest economy of the world. Anybody can see why the Chinese “communism” managed to succeed in the economic development of the country.
    And, now, they are against the Russian annexation of Crimea of Ukraine. At least, the Chinese counterpart of the USSR knew for a long time that they should not LOOT.
    Even in North Korea, unfortunately, the so-called Soviet Fraction elements of the country (together with China-leaning elements called a Yunan Fraction) were sent to North Korean prison camps (gulags), fled to the USSR or were simply executed during and after the 1956 coup attempt of “August Faction Incident”. (Ref: Even before the 1956 incident, many such Soviet Faction elements fled to the USSR from North Korea, reportedly.

    On the surface, North Korea and China are still called Stalinist countries but, in fact, the Stalinism is not a popular ideology in these Asian countries in the first place. The Stalinism is nothing but a failed ideology since a long time ago at least in a wealthy Asian country. Which should deeply alarm the Russia-appeasing German Chancellor Merkel today.
    At the moment, some pathetic “Pro-Russian” type tweets in the internet community apparently wish that China will “join” Russia, applauding the Siberian pipeline project. True, the famous Gazprom pipeline leading to China is now on at last. But the project is not designed to join the Russian Federation and China.Perhaps, in the future, China is going to force the Russian Federation disintegrate (yet again) to become a satellite state of China.

    In fact, the Chinese Qin Empire owned eastern Russia until the 19th century (see Since about two decades ago, the Chinese have been trying to reclaim lost territories in East Asia from Vietnam, The Philippines and Japan. Such a lost territory of the Qin Empire includes a part of eastern Russian territory, of course.
    So, good or bad, there is no such thing as a “Russia+China” joint force: maybe, Russia will become nothing but a satellite country of China soon or later.
    Which should remind the so-called West what they need to do now to support Ukraine against the Russian aggressive war, a war crime according to the Nuremberg Trials.

    • Freedom_for_all says:

      By the way, I would like to recommend the EuroMaidan activists and various Ukrainian leaders today to go through the following book of ancient China.
      A Russian version of the same article is included in the Wikipedia but there is no Ukrainian version (with details) yet, unfortunately. It would be obvious for the EuroMaidan activists that this short book is one of the favourites of the Kremlin leaders, including the mentally unstable President Putin.

      If you read its 10th wisdom, “Hide a knife behind a smile” (Chapter 2), and its explanation, you can easily tell that the President Putin was following such an old proverb when he met the Ukrainian President in the Minsk summit of “peace talk” one week ago.
      It reads, “Charm and ingratiate yourself to your enemy. When you have gained his trust, move against him in secret.” Although President Putin was already sending his regular troops into Ukraine by then. Many old “Soviet strategists” and their survivors today may follow such wisdom literatures including the famous Art of War, I suspect.

      However, such wisdom literatures are basically all a so-called “open source” information, a publication. These are not “Satanic secrets” or something supernatural like that. So, if the Kremlin leaders know these things, they should assume that their “enemy” also knows it too well. You may find that what the Kremlin leaders have been doing (and what the Western leaders have been doing to appease the Kremlin) so far was sort of “predictable”.
      But the Kremlin leaders were mistaken when, rather than if, they believed they were surprising everyone. It is very unwise for them to try to play the “Devil”.

      In a latest article, “The silence of the lambs”, Ukrainian philosopher Volodymyr Yermolenko warned the failed leaders of the West:
      A “good barbarian” would be able to help the West destroy “bad barbarians”. This was the hope of Voltaire when he sent letters to Catherine II and praised Russia for its offensive against the Turks. This was the hope of Joseph De Maistre when he saw Alexander I obliterate Napoleon and, he hoped, the very legacy of the French Revolution. This was the hope of both T.S. Eliot and the French communist intellectuals when they saw the Soviet Union smashing Hitler.
      The new Russian lie about Ukraine’s “fascist junta”, a cornerstone of Russian propaganda today, served this goal too: the West should close its eyes to Russian barbarianism, as Russian barbarianism is destroying the “bad” Ukrainian nationalism, said the Kremlin. (…)

      So, basically, the hypocritical leaders of the EU and the US today are trying to profit from the atrocities of a “lesser evil” (the Kremlin) by turning a blind eye to the Russian aggression and atrocities in Ukraine. They have been playing such a senseless game since more than 6 months ago now as if Ukraine represented the “evil” as well the way poor hate-speech type internet users and the notorious Conspiracy Theorists of the West believed.
      This is while many of the EU member states have developed lucrative economic-financial relation with the Russian Federation, including a well documented German-Russian project which have modernized the Russian military since many years ago. So, in essence, the delusional belief of the leaders of the West regarding Russia that “Russia as a lesser evil will benefit us in future” is not different from a self deception.
      But many of the poor leaders of the West have been following such a delusional mantra until today. Especially today, the leaders of the West are connected too much to the Russian financial profits.

      The inactive leaders of the West have probably been hoping that they can also profit from the ongoing Russian aggression against Ukraine for some unknown delusional reasons.
      However, a poison snake is a poison snake. If you enjoy feeding and raising such a dangerous animal for your “profit”, one day you will be also bitten and killed by the same snake.

      Unfortunately, the self-deceptive leaders of the West did not understand a simple wisdom like this. Perhaps, they are already demented by the financial profits they have been promised by the Kremlin although such profits and benefits are normally called “bribes” in the real world of politics.
      If you read the 24th wisdom of the book above in the Wikipedia, “Obtain safe passage to conquer the State of Guo” (Chapter 4), you can tell what will happen to those Russia-appeasers in the EU or the US.

      Its explanation says that this wisdom is actually about bribing a foreign leader in a war in order to achieve a hidden agenda:
      “Borrow the resources of an ally to attack a common enemy. Once the enemy is defeated, use those resources to turn on the ally that lent you them in the first place.”

      Unfortunately, the current leaders of the West are all blind to see the well known outcome of the Ukrainian war. They are self destructive idiots, in fact.
      As a matter of fact, the “lesser evil” from Russia, a useful evil for the leaders of the West, is actually an outward projection of the evil nature of themselves, unfortunately. And, good or bad, the same evil is going to destroy the West, one way or another, if the leaders of the West fail to reflect on their own guilt to decide to deal with the Russian aggression immediately.

      Moreover, in the West, there are some hidden reasons behind the hesitation and the inaction of the leaders concerning Ukraine as well apparently.
      A recent Harvard report over a possible Western military aid to Ukraine is now being featured by some experts in the internet community. But such policy proposals from the Western “think tankers” focus on a ridiculous and hidden “agenda” (or ambition in truth): an agenda of future “deweaponization” of a sovereign country, Ukraine. Apparently, such think-tankers ridiculously plan to disarm Ukraine (completely?) without the consent of the Ukrainians. True, this kind of hidden “agenda” is not new at all.

      So, the West does not want to “send” defensive weapons to Ukraine only because they do not want to stop a disarming programme of Ukraine. The Harvard piece singled out “Azov Battalion”, actually, as one of future threats (to someone). They say such militant groups pose threat to international security and/or world order.
      Perhaps, the American President has been forced to follow such a unilateral or arrogant “advice” from American think-tankers. That was while the US kept on refusing to fulfil the legal obligation under the Budapest Memorandum of two decades ago.
      What a cheap college…

      As a matter of fact, a disarming policy of Ukraine has been going on since two decades ago. In the past, the American President Obama was part of such a deweaponization programme of Ukrane and visited Ukraine while he was a US Senator, reportedly.
      Still, disarming-deweaponizing of a sovereign country (Ukraine) by the West, with no reasonable ground to do so, is very problematic.
      Maybe it is in fact an “interference in the internal affairs” of Ukraine, too, and illegal. In the meantime, the leaders of the so-called West have been profiting from questionable vested interests in the Russian Federation, as we all know today (such as the ex-German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and Gazprom).
      As long as such hidden “agenda” of disarming Ukraine remains behind the policy making of the so-called leaders of the West, the ongoing Russian aggression against Ukraine will continue until the 24th wisdom (above) becomes a reality sooner rather than later.

      The questionable “leaders” of the EU (and the US) may have to come clean now to admit that they have tried to profit from the ongoing Russian aggression and atrocities in Crimea and Ukraine at least this year. And, perhaps, they need to let the world know how much they have been paid by Russian corporations or by the Kremlin itself so far.
      It is very sad that even the American President, who is supposed to be the most powerful indivisual on earth, is on the “receiving end” of the poor policy proposals from think-tankers such as the Harvard piece above. Think tanks are not an elected official, by the way, therefore they will never be held responsible for their wrong policy making even if everything screws up because of their incompetence.

      Personally, I have to wonder who in the West is going to be held “accountable” for the misguided “policy” toward Ukraine today, not to mention the Western “complicity” in arming the Russian aggressor.
      Are the so-called “think tankers” going to keep on mass-producing nonsensical policies (with hidden agenda of unilateral interference and “deweaponization” of a sovereign country) and push the garbage down their leaders’ throat with ridiculous impunity, remaining “anonymous” all along? Or are the elected political leaders in the West finally going to take the true “responsibility” for their wrong policy of the worst kind of appeasement with the Kremlin?
      At least, the international community is keeping an eye on all of them.

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