Alexey Arestovich: The world is a struggle of types of consciousness.

By Alexey Arestovich, army volunteer, motivational speaker
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Synopsis from the front:

There is a struggle in the world–not geopolitics with geo-economics or the Bilderberg Club with the Rothschilds and the Golden Billion with BRICS, nor of civilizations and religions, nor Sovok [Soviet Union] with independence (although it is taking place), and not the capitalists with the oppressed majority.

There is a struggle of types of consciousness in the world. The only way to defeat it is to become the bearer of a new type of consciousness.

This type–this is what humanity intended: proud, direct, calm, serious and funny, clever and strong people who above all else appreciate free, creative work, knowledge and eternally sail beyond the horizon.

Not afraid. Not whining. They stubbornly go forward.

People with an extraordinary will power, the mind of a philosopher, an athlete’s body and the soul of an artist.

People who were set free from the captivity of the temptations, pettiness, struggle with their own kind, from baiting the world and its inhabitants, from fear–of not making it in time, of not eating, of not having anything to wear, of not outrunning, not earning enough, not buying.

People whose hand you can always rely on to lean on, whose heart you can count on, whose mind you can trust.

Hurry up and become new people!..

Spaceship “Earth” is heading out on a great adventure!

Beyond the horizons of the universe, to the eternal radiance of love and light.

Source: Alexey Arestovich FB


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1 Response to Alexey Arestovich: The world is a struggle of types of consciousness.

  1. ladybug says:

    Not the kind of rhetoric new free and independent Ukraine could want. This language is redolent of the rhetoric of 19th century romanticism–and you know its complexities.

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