Defense Force Donbas: Humanitarian aid from Lysychansk terrorist depot to benefit children’s hospitals and local residents

By Ukrainian Volunteer Defense Force “Donbas”
Edited by Voices of Ukraine

The media center of “Donbas” reports:

A few days ago, children’s hospitals in Sloviansk and Kramatorsk received a large amount of medicine, which was delivered by the social organization Maidan Hospital in association with DFD [Defense Force Donbas] fighters from Lysychansk.

We would like to remind you that on July 26th, the special Defense Force Donbas of the National Guard seized a depot belonging to the terrorist “Prizrak” (Ghost) Battalion, situated in the territory of the Lysychansk glass factory.

The depot contained armored vehicles, anti-aircraft missiles, anti-tank guided weapons, mortars, various small arms and ammo. In addition, there were about 800 boxes of humanitarian supplies, such as medical supplies, dry rations and canned food. The shipping labels on the boxes of humanitarian supplies clearly indicate where these supplies shipped from to the so-called “Ghost” Battalion [all supplies were shipped from or produced in various regions of the Russian Federation].

DFD fighters gave the food and water to the residents of Lysychansk, since all the city infrastructure facilities were not functioning at the time the city was liberated, and for some time before that.

Regarding the two densely-packed buses with medicine, which were found in the depot, DFD Commander Semyon Semyonchenko made a decision to distribute the medicine among the children’s hospitals of the liberated cities.

Semyon Semyonchenko says: “These supplies will heal many children and the city hospitals are now provided with good quality medicine for at least half a year. Our task is not limited to just military actions, we must fulfill a humanitarian mission as well. Our main goal is to restore normal life in the liberated territories, and we must do it swiftly and smoothly for the sake of the local residents.”

Source: Ukrainian Volunteer Defense Force “Donbas”


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