Batkivshchyna Battalion talks about the destruction of LNR’s [Luhansk People’s Republic] leader Lyeshyi.

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

The Territorial Defense Battalion Batkivshchyna [Fatherland, the 34th Battalion], which was created as part of Rukh Oporu [Resistance Movement] during combat in ​​the anti-terrorism operation (ATO) zone, destroyed the commander of the terrorist Ghost Battalion, by the last name of Lyeshyi, who operated in the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic (LNR). According to the press service of the Batkivshchyna [party], the Deputy Commander of the Battalion, Marat Suleymanov, reported this.


“Rukh Oporu” – Resistance Movement

He said that after the death of Lyeshyi, the Ghost [battalion] collapsed, and its personnel partially deserted.

The Ghost Battalion “was one of the most dangerous combat units of the so-called LNR–they only accepted professional soldiers. From the outset of the ATO, the Ghost insurgents created significant problems for the units of Ukrainian armed forces,” –said Suleymanov.

According to [his] report, Lyeshyi’s final location was determined due to the operational information collected.

“The disposal operation of his gang was conducted when this close associate of Igor Bezler (Bes) was feasting with his gang. He and other Ghost mercenaries were killed on the spot,” –said Suleymanov.

According to the deputy commander, the scouting team of the Batkivshchyna Battalion returned to its base without losses. It became known that after the destruction of Lyeshyi, Bezler increased the amount of the reward on Suleymanov’s head, whom the separatists call the “Black Zampolit [Deputy commander],” from 10,000 dollars to twice that [amount].

Meanwhile, Suleymanov said that during the overall fighting, the Batkivshchyna Battalion lost four of its servicemen in combat. Two of them were killed during the assault on Dzerzhinsky checkpoint.

Photo Oleksandr Klimenko. Source: UNIAN.

Photo Oleksandr Klimenko. Source: UNIAN.


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  1. Marcela says:

    Glory to Ukraine. Glory to Ukraine Heros. Great Men!! BIG Kiss to you guys 🙂

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