A first-hand experience of Nadiya Savchenko’s court hearing

By Iryna Storozhenko, correspondent, Vikna-Novyny
07.26. 2014
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


Nadiya Savchenko in Voronezh            (Photo: grani.ru)

We are back home already. I am thinking about Nadiya. I am remembering what she said. So genuine, sincere, categorical [in her answers], decisive, [she] even joked and trolled the court and the investigation. One could perceive that her spirit is unbroken. And that is the most important thing. The Russian judicial system is rotten and deceitful. Some kind of kingdom of crooked mirrors. The judge forgot to include a statement of the circumstances of the detention with the case, the prosecutor said that they will petition to extend Savchenko’s detention under arrest “until the end of October of the years of 2400 … oh, [20]14,” the translator, this was altogether a piss-your-pants misunderstanding throughout all that time because she did not dare to utter Nadiya’s harsh words about the lack of qualifications, lies and violation of rights. And of course a ridiculous statement by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation that the crime had occurred [on the territory] of the LNR [Luhansk People’s Republic] …. 🙂

The first thing she asked when they did not change the preventive measure and left her under arrest, “Will I be able to vote in my country?” The judge seemed to not even get what Nadiya was talking about… I could see how Nadiya was looking for familiar faces on the video screen, and then she admitted that she had really missed the people and that she feels the lack of communication. At that moment, I wanted to hug her somehow, to support her so that she could feel it.

During the break, I approached the camera, waved and sent her kisses. She could not see the whole courtroom. She did not understand that there were no relatives or at least acquaintances of hers there. When I “talked” to her, she realized that nobody of her [people] had come, and I was a stranger to her, maybe that’s why she burst into tears. And tears rushed to my eyes as well. Others who felt this moment of sudden kinship also, then repeatedly asked me if we were related.

However, later the Russian media presented it with the following wording, “There were others who wanted to support the accused of ‘complicity in the murder of’ Russian journalists. A young woman sent kisses to Savchenko. Later, the court police officers turned off the camera and sound, so that this would not happen again during breaks…” In a Life News interview, Nadiya somehow made ​​it clear that she has no idea how much she is written and talked about, while she is captured and imprisoned, and that she doesn’t know to what extent Ukrainians worry about her fate. Therefore, after exchanging a few words, there was not even a question that we had to wave at her with our flag, the one that Anastasia Rozlutska always has with her.

It was very fast, in the crowd, almost running, there were no cameras, no judge. I just happened to be closer… In the back of our mind, we understood that we violated no laws, since the court hearing ended already. And Nadiya responded loudly and shouted, “Glory to Ukraine,” and during the “Glory to the Heroes,” also unexpected, as if an explosion rocked the crowd in response, I felt a strong push. It was a guard. He led me somewhere. Then it turned out that [he was] only [taking me] out the door. Although in my head, it dawned on me that [he was] taking me somewhere else… On the street the servicemen of the migration service, who examined the documents, were standing next to my cameraman that did not go inside. They had nothing to hold us on. We came to the courthouse at the court with the consul and advocates. So, after informing us about the legislation, they quickly released us.

After coming back home, I am beginning to realize what a risk it was. I apologize to everyone whom I may have worried as we crossed the border, and especially those who were responsible for us. But that was a very important [act] then. It was important that she know that we are with her. By the way, one can write to her, they transfer letters to her!

And I did find that photo!! Someone managed to [sneak it]! She is smiling!!

Source: Iryna Storozhenko FB

Halya Coynash, Russian TV helps prosecution in Nadya Savchenko case

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  1. May the Almighty give her the strength to stand up to the ordeal that she is being subjected to. SLAVA UKRAINE.

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