Dmitry Tymchuk’s Military Blog: Summary – July 22, 2014

Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Brothers and sisters!

information_resistance_logo_engHere’s the Summary for July 22, 2014 (for previous summary, please see Summary for July 21).

The bad news:

1. Behind every report about another settlement being liberated by ATO forces lie great efforts, hard work, and the most dreadful, the blood of our boys. The insurgents keep resisting like crazed and cornered rats.

The situation in the border areas is very difficult. Here, as we know, our [soldiers] are waging war on two fronts–against terrorists and Russian mercenaries, and against Russian troops–constantly drawing fire from the territory of the Russian Federation. More precisely, [Ukrainians] cannot respond to the fire so as not to give Putin a reason to accuse Ukraine of aggression and then start an open invasion.

I won’t argue whether it’s right or not–not to respond to the fire from Putin’s scumbags, who shoot in the old NKVD-style, in the back, while feeling their total impunity. But I know that none of our boys who are heroically holding the defense there, will ever again call Putin’s Russia a “friend.” As with any of us, who have retained our ability to think and feel.

2. Russia continues to drag its troops to the border with Ukraine.

Moscow redeploys its personnel, weapons and equipment already from the Trans-Baikal and Far East military districts. It’s quite possible that some of these fighters will be running around Donbas tomorrow. Along with tanks and Grads.

The Kremlin is ready to unleash its military might on Ukraine. But the July 2014 edition of the Ukrainian army is far from what we had back in March. Putin and his hordes can now only impress the mummy of Grandpa Lenin in his Mausoleum [on Red Square in Moscow], but not the nation which is breaking the Moscow hyena’s spine in Donbas today.

3. The EU for the umpteenth time has postponed the introduction of new sanctions against Russia. That is, for now, Europeans will only work up “instructions on the elaboration of possible further sanctions against Russia.” At the same time, France announced that despite everything, it would deliver “Mistrals” to Putin.

In Ukraine, there are disputes saying, so what is wrong with the fact that the French “Mistrals” will end up in Russia? The answer is obvious. Yes, it will not directly affect the course of events in Donbas. But it is a powerful political act, which is negative both for us, and for Europe. It means that not all European rulers realize the extent of the threat, since they are ready to hand over serious offensive weapons to the Kremlin.

And it is especially strange to observe such steps from the French, who just 70 years ago used to scrub the occupiers’ toilets for a piece of strudel. How quickly are the history lessons forgotten, which teach [people] to be more careful about spitting upon their own safety.

Fortunately, those who are like [François] Hollande are singularities in Europe. The EU has finally begun to realize with whom they are dealing.

The good news:

1. ATO forces freed Severodonetsk and Popasnaya [Luhansk Oblast].

Comments are not needed here. Every Ukrainian flag waving over a Ukrainian city or village instead of a Russian, or “not-quite-Russian” (as in “DNR” and “LNR” [Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics]), flag is a triumph of justice.

Residents of Severodonetsk meet the Ukrainian army, July 22nd (they are shouting, “Thank you, thank you!!).

2. Putin began to moan today, saying that Russia must “fully and expediently implement measures to enhance its defense capability due to increased NATO troops near the border.”

This butcher continues to scare his Russian flock with threats from the outside. As in, there is no direct threat, but we must fear and prepare [our] response (overall, one can only wonder about Putin’s verbiage–if there is no threat, what is there to respond to then?). Although today there is only one threat in Europe–it is Putin himself, which is obvious to every last gopher in the Alpine meadows.

But if the Kremlin ghoul is so afraid of NATO–it means he truly thinks that there is a power in the world to stop his bloody march. I hope he is afraid of it for good reason.

3. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine [Parliament], following the President’s lead, called upon the international community to recognize the “LNR” and “DNR” as terrorist organizations.

Because of the abundance of “little sent over Cossacks,” our parliament has for very long been a weak link in the national security system. If the pro-Russian forces are now finally neutralized, and the state consolidates with civil society against a common threat–this will be an undeniable strategic success.

4. Trying to justify their deliberate defeat, the little Russian fighters are employing every means possible [to explain themselves].

The so-called “prime minister” of the terrorist organization DNR, [Alexander] Borodai, claimed that in fact they are waging war not only with Ukraine, but also…with NATO. As in, the terrorists are forced to fight “against an army, for whom a huge mass of mercenaries are fighting from different countries, from Poland, from all over Europe.”

Presumably, when the next reinforcement of mercenaries from Caucasia brings a new batch of drugs, Borodai will suddenly realize that not only Europe and NATO are fighting for Ukrainians, but also the Intergalactic Fleet of Martians. We are looking forward to a protest note from the Russian Foreign Ministry to the Government of Mars.

Source: Dmitry Tymchuk FB

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9 Responses to Dmitry Tymchuk’s Military Blog: Summary – July 22, 2014

  1. Gary Lee Proffitt. says:

    Wow the Ukraine forces are doing something that the west dare not do at the moment and you are winning.Putin can only fight dirty wars as he is a KGB retarded mouse which explains his size and rodent like face.Keep up the gallant work.

  2. Pit says:

    Trouble is that for some of the EU officials introducing further sanctions agains Russia is the same as for Ukrainian soldiers responding to the Russian troops fire from behind the border … not to give Putin a reason. I think that both, you should respond to the fire and EU shoulg go forward with sanctions. Officials in Poland say that economic sanctions are being prepared and will be introduced by the end of this week which is in opposition to what you have said above. Let’s hope it will happen.

  3. Tom says:

    It is said, that the Russian troops are painting their helmets blue and marked as “Peacekeaping Force”. To my best knowledge, the blue helmets and Peacekeeping marks are used for UN Peacekeepers and UN has NOT agreed to send in ANY peacekeeping force to Ukraine.

  4. francois D says:

    je pense que les sanctions contre la russie sont insuffisants contre poutine et ses sbires qui jouissent de leurs belles villas sur la cote d’azurje pense quon doit mettre aussi des sanctions contre la pute de feme de vladimir poutine les enfants de pro russes qui sont dans les ecoles doivent etre renvoyés manu militari avec leurs familles en russie avec aucun espoir de retour les proches de borodai doivent etre executés comme des merdes
    je suis francais j’ai honte d’etre français car nos présidents ne sont des couards et des traites comme nicalas sarkozy et françois hollande
    publier sur le journal les propos du front national un parti raciste fasciste et xénophobe ayant obtenu 25 % des votes lors des élections européennes
    vous trouvez leur soutien en faveur de la russie sur voice of russia

  5. My absolute total respect and admiration for the forces of Ukraine, who are fighting against the Terrorists now in both Donetsk and Luhansk and being murdered by Russian shelling from Russia. Any military person, present or retired, knows that to withstand such acts and still carry on takes real bravery and not some comic book or movie version of it. The soldiers engaged in this battle against the terrorists show exactly the same spirit as the World witnessed on the Maiden where men and women, unarmed and unprotected stood against the snipers and murderous thugs only a few months ago.
    To the Ukrainian armed forces and to the people of Ukraine I apologise for the stupidity of our politicians and there slowness to act, many of us, the people of Europe, want action to be taken as quickly as possible and we work to increase the speed at which our countries are responding. It is without doubt that ‘some’ of our leaders in the EU are shall I say ‘not sure on whose side they are’ – but the people are on the side of Ukraine and everyday more people realise that this war is actually not just a war for Ukraine but a war for Europe itself. From the Baltic to the Mediterranean, from the Black Sea to the Atlantic we are forcing our politicians to realise that Ukraine needs our help and more importantly deserves our help in EVERY WAY possible, and that may mean militarily as well.
    Oh, and should Putin send in his ‘Peace Keepers’ – the World will not recognise them as such, and remember to aim 40 centimetres below the blue stripes on their helmets

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  7. Travis Burton says:

    NOTE: Dimitry, Just like Ukraine you are doing great things. Try and get this to the Germans, (if you think it worthy) and I would like to see it in every German Newspaper!

    Dear Angie: You have got to quit taking his calls…

    First, please forgive the presumption of familiarity because I speak to you today in the voice of a loving friend. You are not “Frau Ribbentrop” and you should excuse the anger of those who say such hurtful things and understand that it is only the reflected anguish of those currently being hurt; a situation no one should be more sympathetic with than the honored German leader of a previously betrayed citizenry. There is an even larger responsibility awaiting you we shall discuss…

    World War Two (or The Great Patriotic) is over; finished before our time. Germany has paid, which is not to say forgotten. The deprivation, humiliation and division was Draconian. And what have we now? Only the greatest example the world has ever been shown of all that could go wrong, made right. You are now strong, yet cautious and fair. You have earned the right to lead and it is now your responsibility to do so…

    The German people where never really bad, only the leadership. The Volk was seduced and betrayed, propagandized into actions of evil still saddening. That is the past and the present is a shining example to all the world of just how good any people can become. I am proud of Germany, I drive Mercedes and use Braun and know that my support is rational for the best products and the ethical intentions of those producers and the citizens they represent. You have earned the pinnacle; and so a new heavy burden awaits you…

    WAKE UP! The alarm bell is sounding, louder than a firehouse, as urgent as a stall warning in a cockpit. I do not want to make you recoil, but to shock and make you think. You are at the “tipping point,” again at the boundary between good and evil. Germany is the cutest girl on the planet and she has just accepted a blind date. The suitor is suave and handsome, his car and the dinner fantastic. Many have tried to seduce her, but her honor protects and she is not yet convinced. Suddenly, his hand is on her chest, the other up her skirt. It turns out he has a long list victims, some have even lived at YOUR address. The recent ones were seduced and are still found useful for his occasional need; they are kept on polite retainer. I believe there is a word for that, common in Amsterdam… I hear he has visited them recently (Malay 17).

    Germany has a little sister in the house, cute as can be and she wants to be just like… YOU! Her name is Ukraine. You know she is good, she has proven it recently, finally. We all regret the memories of that big party “Uncle Joe” and Adolph gave when they raped her. Slowly, she still recovers, she loves the you of now and all you stand for; she deserves your help, you owe her your protection. You are older, more experienced, smarter in the ways of the world; her scars are deep (like yours). Will you help her to recover? She can be your strongest support, surest ally, dependable buffer.

    Not everyone knows your story Angela. You, the preachers daughter raised in an occupied land, while that infamous “suitor” was part and parcel of the heavy hand of the oppressors that made your family life difficult, miserable, hopeless at times. You know Doentsk; you have lived there. You know right from wrong, you recognize evil, you have seen it enough. You are the good Christian and you have turned the other check. You have persuaded, argued, cajoled, made excuses for; and sadly, in fact, by your good intentions become an enabler.

    The only previous leader of his country he glorifies is Stalin and he insists his countrymen do the same as he continues to rehabilitate his legacy. This is not wise, they are both bad men and as the first led his country astray, Putin now does the same. No one knows this lesson better than you, it is also your unfortunate history as a people. Vertical control, effective propaganda, megalomaniac ambitions, perfected kleptocracy ultimately arousing the necessary reaction of free peoples who are threatened.

    Today it is someone else, soon enough, you. Remember the words of Martin Niemöller ” First they came for the socialists…” Putin now comes for Ukraine, what will you do? Twice he has cut the gas to show they are just troublesome Untermensch; do you agree? Do your actions of good and Christian intention (and realpolitic) only ultimately serve to facilitate his goals? This man has lied to his people, to the world, to your face; do you fail to recognize evil?

    As an American, I wish to apologize for our recent behavior in regards to your security and intelligence branches. That is a dirty game and we should have come to you first with our fears. All services are penetrated, it is the nature of the game. Without rehashing Gehlen, it is enough to say I believe you get good and real intel from your people. You know what he has done. Weapons, men and money pushed across the border while the reins remain in his hands.

    The surreptitious seduction of your own country has already begun. The tangled web he weaves has already ensnared your state and many among your countrymen. To do what is right for the necessary preservation of your own good future will not be easy or painless or immediately popular. Germans have endured much worse and action must be taken now to reverse this fatal and continuing seduction, corruption.

    Ukraine does not ask for the Wehrmacht or any other army, just not to allow some outsider to dictate their future. It is Vladimir Putin that has attached this unsightly affliction to the rump of Ukraine and they will deal with it on their own given the chance. They will lance this unsightly blemish of a boil off their butt and quickly heal. AND just like you, provide a continuing example of all that is right and a free people can achieve. It is time for you to leave the message on his machine. When he stops those actions, you can talk again; until then, KAPUT!

    About that responsibility I referred to earlier. The auditorium is open, the audience is seated, the orchestra silent, ready for the play to begin. The stage of the Moral Right is empty and waiting. I checked our White House before coming; the lights were on… nobody home. I expected him to be here; it seems he has another (more important?) engagement. And so, this is your night; the ingenue of great talent, the long suffering understudy is now thrust upon the stage. Remember to grab that still burning torch of liberty so casually left unattended and raise it high for your commanding entrance. We will watch, we will listen, we will follow.

    Slava Ukrania!
    Deutschland uber alles!

    Note: uber alles (correctly written in German “ueber alles”) has nothing to do with the Nazis, but was a line of a poem written in 1841 which was used for the German National Anthem. It does not translate as “above all” (that would be “ueber allen”) but rather “more than anything else”, as in “ich liebe Dich ueber alles in der Welt” (I love you more than anything else in the world). A misleading translation was purposely chosen by the Allies during the second world war for propagada purposes.

    Offered by this author to set the record straight, and now it is your turn to straighten out “Bad Vlad”

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